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Deliver outstanding customer experience across devices and protect your brand, through optimum web and mobile performance

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SciVisum’s uniquely realistic, high touch web performance test services help premium brands manage web performance and availability, with actionable data and the support of an experienced, proactive test partner.

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UK Black Friday mcommerce performance report 2015

Find out more about the performance of UK retailers in meeting the biggest ever online demand this Black Friday, including who came out on top.

UK ecommerce back to school performance report 2015

Find out which retailers got an A* in our recent study to measure the online experience delivered by leading UK uniform retailers.

UK eCommerce Performance Survey Easter 2015

Findings show that the retailer websites suffered performance issues trying to meet the increased last minute demand for Easter Egg purchases – find out more by downloading the full report.

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Mobile drives demand as Black Friday tests ecommerce performance

With Black Friday breaking records for online sales, the high street winners and losers emerge an our study reveals 1 in 10 mobile journeys failed.

Is your travel site ready for the holiday rush? Last minute performance tips

With holidaymakers keen to secure early bargains after Christmas, travel operators need to ensure that performance is optimal throughout the peak period. Here are our top 5 last minute tips for optimum performance.

Can you trust your load testing? How to meet today’s complex ecommerce demands with confidence

Don’t let your load testing lull you into a false sense of security. With increasing pressures on ecommerce stores to adapt to the changing demands of online shoppers, realistic and accurate load testing is now essential.

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24/7 Multichannel Travel Customer Journey Masterclass – 24 March 2015

The 24/7 Multichannel Travel Masterclass will explore the way the travel industry, customer journey and customer experience is changing as a result of today’s digital and social transformation and what actions are required to plan, execute and deliver a targeted digital marketing strategy that drives sales.

Tips and Tricks of Multichannel Retail: at IRX 2015

IRX 2015 provides an opportunity to brush up on the latest Multi-channel ideas for success: drop in to one of the seminars, network with your peers. Or meet the SciVisum team to discuss maximising your online conversions: by uniting your tech and marketing activity around 24/7 Online Mystery Shopper metrics of user experience of iPad, Android and laptop visitors.

SciVisum releases its “eCommerce Mobile Experience Report – Christmas 2014”

The findings show that retailers are still falling short of delivering a satisfactory mobile experience.

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Save time and money with a unique level of testing realism and hands on support.

Uncover the real-world performance issues impacting customers with intelligent, dynamic testing. Unlike traditional web testing services, we dynamically monitor every step of a user’s journey across your site, verifying page content and making random choices from those available in the page, just as real users would.

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Expand your technical team with experienced, hands-on test professionals and ‘live’ management of your testing. SciVisum test services are supported by a team of experienced professionals, who assist with data interpretation and further technical investigation. Our team ensure scripts are maintained and inform you of any performance degradation.

Save time in meetings and drive improvements by sharing customer-centric performance data across the organisation. Actionable, customer-centric metrics in a common language, easily understood by technical, help desk and business teams – provides a ’single point of truth’, via a truly holistic approach.

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