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Cloud-based website performance monitoring and load testing services from the user perspective

Deliver outstanding customer experience across devices and protect your brand, through optimum web and mobile performance.

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SciVisum’s uniquely realistic, managed test services help premium brands manage web performance and availability with concrete, actionable data and the support of an experienced, proactive test partner.

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Uniquely realistic website monitoring and load testing from the user perspective. Delivered as proactively managed services, so you can uncover the website performance issues that really matter.

Uncover the real-world performance issues impacting customers with intelligent, dynamic testing. Unlike traditional web testing services, we dynamically monitor every step of a user’s journey across your site, verifying page content and making choices from those available, just as real users would. This results in highly accurate, comprehensive data and focusses teams on the real-world website performance issues that impact customers.
Expand your technical team with experienced, hands-on test professionals overseeing all testing. SciVisum test services are supported by a team of experienced professionals, on hand to assist with data interpretation and further technical investigation. Our personalised services include ‘live’ management of each client’s testing to ensure scripts are maintained and inform you of any performance degradation.
Drive improvements by sharing customer-centric performance data across the organisation and with 3rd parties. SciVisum’s user-friendly GUI presents actionable, customer-centric metrics in a common language, easily understood by technical, help desk and business teams – providing a ’single point of truth’. Saving time in meetings and driving improvements through a more holistic approach.
Gather concrete evidence on which to base business decisions and manage 3rd parties. Hard evidence from your customers’ perspective provides an indisputable basis for prioritising software & hardware changes, allocating resource/budget, and managing third parties.

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Quickly resolve root causes with intelligent diagnostics and code level data granularity. The SciVisum test engine automates time consuming diagnostic tasks. Highlighting errors resulting from network issues, third parties and more, which combined with a unique drill down facility, helps quickly diagnose and fix root causes.
Continually improve customer experience, maximise ROI and protect your brand. Ongoing website performance testing from your customers’ shoes, will result in continuous improvement of your customer experience, maximise ROI for website performance optimisation, save time and money, and protect your brand.
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