Why SciVisum?

Measure realistic user experiences for peak performance

SciVisum’s cloud-based synthetic monitoring and load testing services provide unparalleled insight into your customers’ digital experience by behaving exactly as end users would. A unique combination of realism – delivered by an intelligent test engine, and expert human insight, our services provide the most accurate, actionable data enabling you to take control of today’s performance challenges.

Our adaptive scripts follow routes through your website dynamically making intelligent choices from page content, instead of following pre-defined URLs. This mystery shopper approach provides the fastest route to identifying and resolving the critical performance issues impacting your customers.

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Make decisions based on realism with hard evidence on your customers’ experience

Reduce the risk when it comes to budgetary and resource decisions or deciding whether to introduce a new feature or improve speed, by basing your decisions on hard evidence of your site’s performance.

“SciVisum’s user journeys help us to ensure that the websites operate at full capacity alongside all connected systems. There’s no other way to check how the customer is experiencing our sites other than via SciVisum – it’s simply not feasible for us to check the sites all day, every day. SciVisum works 24/7 so we don’t have to – we can then react when it raises an alert.”

David Petronzio
Head of Development, Boden

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A single point of truth – bridge the gap between tech and business teams

SciVisum’s customer-centric testing method returns accurate, actionable data in a common language understood by all departments. These metrics provide the basis for solid commercial decisions and bridge the gap between business and tech teams.

“Within a week of using SciVisum, we had identified that a new ‘share it’ button on the pages that was a part of new marketing activity was adding an extra 30 seconds to load the page. Once discovered marketing and development worked together to find a better way to implement and get the results the business needed, and we regained those 30 seconds for the user.”

Chris Howell
IT Director for Customer Systems, Dixons Retail Group

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An extension of your technical team

Our experienced engineers and client liaison team become members of your team, providing experience and expert insight, freeing up resource and enabling your staff to spend more time developing better software.

“I don’t have a lot of time, so it’s really nice to have SciVisum acting almost like an intelligent member of my team. We now detect any issues before they impact the customer and can provide our external providers with the detailed information they need to make any changes or corrections quickly; and with minimum lost time in explaining details to them. Lastly and most importantly, SciVisum’s managed service has really raised the bar – their proactive approach and willingness to help resolve issues is something I just didn’t get from our previous provider.”

Richard Scales
Neilson’s website manager

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Meet your performance needs both now and into the future

And moving forwards our agile, client driven development means we’ll always keep up with your growing performance requirements, enabling you to deliver outstanding customer experience that meets your customers’ expectations.

“What I particularly like about SciVisum is that when I’ve made a suggestion for new features, they are implemented. Recently, I was keen to have some dynamic data incorporated in the reporting and it was delivered within the next product release cycle – in less than 3 months – which was excellent.”

Josh Towb
Web Trading Manager, Jigsaw

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Our Team

Deri Jones - Chief Executive Officer

Deri Jones

Chief Executive Officer

Kathleen Tasou - Client Liaison Manager

Kathleen Tasou

Client Liaison Manager

Alistair Morrison - Senior Business Development Manager

Alistair Morrison

Senior Business Development Manager

Tom Challinor - Business Development Manager

Tom Challinor

Business Development Manager

Rebecca Burgess - Assistant Client Liaison

Rebecca Burgess

Assistant Client Liaison

Ben Robinson - Load Testing Consultant Engineer

Ben Robinson

Load Testing Consultant Engineer

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