Website Performance Monitoring

Deliver the smooth, fast browsing experience your customers demand, 24 hours a day.

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Website Load Testing

Take new developments and seasonal spikes in your stride with unique, real-world load-testing metrics.

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Mobile Web & App Monitoring

Deliver consistent web performance across all devices by optimising user experience.

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web performance management

Website Performance Monitoring

Measuring real user experience every step of the way

For the most realistic, customer-focused data that underpins smart business decisions, our synthetic monitoring follows routes through your website, dynamically making intelligent choices from page content rather than following predefined URLs. This the fastest way to identify all the critical web performance issues impacting your customers.

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Website Load Testing

Pushing web performance to the limit

A new launch or a seasonal sales event can drive vast amounts of traffic to your website but, if you want to avoid a virtual meltdown, you need to make sure your peak performance stacks up. Choose a load testing service that replicates real user journeys so you can scale web provision to suit.

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Mobile Web and Application Monitoring

Providing a fast, consistent experience on every platform

It’s more important than ever to deliver fast, available web performance across devices. To understand and optimise mobile experience, you need to measure it. Our monitoring uses real mobile browsers rather than an emulated, user agent approach, giving you the most realistic data necessary to identify all the issues impacting your mobile visitors.

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“I'm very impressed with the service we receive from SciVisum. It's above our expectations and that doesn't happen often."

Derek Walklate, Service Delivery Manager

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“Within a week of using SciVisum, we had identified that a new ‘share it’ button on certain pages that were a part of new marketing activity was adding an extra 3 seconds to load the page. Once discovered…

Chris Howell

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“We were impressed by how quickly SciVisum grasped the technology and infrastructure of our website and put together the test scripts. Their User Journey approach tested typical routes that our end users…

Sales Director
National Savings & Investments plc

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