Barcamp Canterbury 3: Another Great Time

Date: 7th May 2013
Author: Deri Jones

The volunteer team who have put this event together for the last 3 years can pat themselves on the back, it was another great occasion.

Putting in your own weekend time means that folk are there to be active, participate and learn from each other, and the variety of talks on offer reflected that enthusiasm.

A proud moment too when Shish from my SciVisum team did one of the most popular talks – on Web Performance optimisation – and there were some other good snippets.

The event brings in folks from a range of disciplines and backgrounds. There were quite a few photography sessions, such as Macro Water Droplet photography, as well as Chris Coopers great session on web security. There were “Deep Tech” sessions on Field Programmable Gate Array programming alongside some wider societal discussions such as ‘The End Of The University’ and ‘How To stop Seething And Love My Customers’ !

The entire list of sessions can be seen here.

For me a personal high spot was bumping into an old friend from over a decade ago, Tom de Havas. We’d once been neighbours in the same office office block, running software companies and discussing  software languages, R&D management, meta physics and more over long coffees!  The company he founded, Nexus Alpha, played a key role in bringing railway timetables, or rather real-time changes due to incidents etc, into the 21st century!

The SciVisum Team At Barcamp

Comments from SciVisum Team Members who attended Barcamp3.

  • Shish (mentioned above) did a talk about keeping website performance high while scaling from a joke between friends to being one of the world’s largest online communities (without a similar increase in budget). The slides he used can be downloaded here.


  • Greg says: “I saw a wide range of interesting talks on macro photography, multicast video streaming, insane website scaling, security, retro games and more. Was an inspirational weekend which has made me want to pick up my camera and soldering iron again (on top of the usual keyboard mashing ;)).
    He also did a talk on his (ongoing) port of X11 to Javascript and all that entailed and you can see his slides here.


  • David says: “I did a discussion about side coding projects and coding challenges.  It turned into more of an open discussion into ways to volunteer time to do coding challenges, codesprints, community projects, etc I also went to talks about the raspberry pi cat feeder and catcams with arduinos, both of these are actually web apps! Sessions I attended ranged from hardware focused to web and business concepts (Why The Semantic Web Will Fail by Colin Johnson was particularly interesting as it had some good questions about the way advertising works – or perhaps doesn’t work – on the net).  A good talk on talk on security on hacking focused on social engineering rather than breaking computers.Shish’s talk was one of the best.


  • Debora says: “I volunteered this year in Barcamp 3. I enjoyed the mix of techie and not techie talks. Also good mix of useful stuff that you can apply to your work/life and crazy stuff that you should never apply! But the best, talking to new, learning from new and different points of views, about things you have never seen before, a really collaborative space, crazy philosophical discussions about programing languages, pizza and beer. Really good experience!


Silicon Canterbury

Canterbury is becoming more and more a great place for software development and internet projects. As well as the annual Bar Camp there is the monthly event, which has been running for a year or more.

And last month,  the enthusiasm generated by the software industry here spilled out into a go-kart challenge,  organised by Chris at  sadly the three SciVisum teams didn’t make it to the podium. :<( But there is always next time.