Boden report: SciVisum Customer Service saves time for eCommerce teams

Date: 14th October 2013
Author: Deri Jones

It always feels like a personal pat on the back;  that the culture of customer service I’ve tried to build at SciVisum over the years, is so noticeable to clients.

The nice guys at Boden write:

“The SciVisum system is very impressive *. But I’m equally impressed by the level of service from the SciVisum team. They are totally flexible – if I need something changed, it is done quickly. 

They understand what we at Boden mean by ‘good customer service’ which is all about not being difficult and not being overly procedural. SciVisum is pretty cool – it’s an excellent product.  The SciVisum team deliver a consistently good service and the people are extremely responsive if we have an issue or need to make any changes.”

* note: Boden said:

“SciVisum’s user journeys help us to ensure that the websites operate at full capacity alongside all connected systems. There’s no other way to check how the customer is experiencing our sites other than via SciVisum – it’s simply not feasible for us to check all the varied and diverse User Journeys on all the sites all day, every day.  SciVisum User Journeys handle the ‘Do What the Customer Does’ complexity: and it works 24/7 so we don’t have to!  We can then react when it raises an alert.”

Adobe pdf icon Download Boden Case Study on web performance optimisation