Did You Say We Are An Emerging Market Leader?

Date: 25th March 2013
Author: Deri Jones

We’re not one for big scale marketing here – no razzmatazz.  A lot of our work comes by word of mouth and referrals.

So it was a warm feeling this week, to be told openly:  ‘SciVisum, you’re the market leader‘.

We’ve built a good list of clients, including Tesco, Debenhams, Clarks, Inghams Travel and many more. Our clients tell us they come to us, and stay with us year on year, due to the genuine technology edge of our services and the flexibility and customer focus of our Managed Service approach that means we listen to client needs and re-shape our deliverables to fit them.

We’ve been kind of obsessed with realism in the web performance tools we’ve built, and in our unique Dynamic Journey approach to achieving realistic and actionable website performance measurements no matter what the website or application in question.

Most of our clients have used other solutions before ours and simply made choices in the normal way based on their specific situation and needs.

But it was a warm feeling this week, to be told openly:

‘SciVisum, you’re the market leader’.

It is true that, looking back the last year or two, that it’s become am increasingly common,  occurrence for users of our solutions to be willing to explain to other prospective buyers,  why they have chosen our approach, and how it compares and contrasts with what they have used before.

So those kinds of client referrals are not news exactly.

Thinking about it, I’ve also noticed that I’m being increasingly invited to speak at conferences and provide articles for magazines. Just last week I was speaking at the DevOpsDays conference in London, presenting in both the Innovation theatre and Pecha Kucha sessions at the Retail Business Technology Expo exhibition and at the local Digibury evening. When I returned to the office it was to find that the piece I had written on Using Website Monitoring In Your CRM Strategy for Retail Technology Review had gone out!

But this week another client referral came along and surprised me – in a nice way! It made me realise that we’re  now being seen by some as an “emerging market leader” in the web performance space.

It started as one of those regular situations where a company has a project, and is getting a couple of proposals in, and is trying to compare and contrast the various solutions on offer.

In a phone call on Tuesday, after talking technology and details, the company asked for a reference as the decision time was getting close – and wanted to hear from a particular source.

So, as usual we asked our contact there if, as he had experience of using both our services and others, and was well placed to give an informed comparison, would he mind giving a reference?

This is what he emailed:

“I am happy to share my thoughts.  In all honesty I  prefer the SciVisum solution to the other website monitoring solutions I’ve used … particularly impressed by its dynamic search algorithm tailored to our key destinations, routes and passenger mixes.”

A nice little referral, nothing so unusual there.

But,as a result, we were told ‘So, looks like you guys are the Market Leader‘.

It was one of those warm, fuzzy moments.

When I heard what had been said about us I flagged it to the internal staff  email list, to spread the love around!

In reality of course, whether a company is ‘Market Leader’ or not, is not of prime concern when choosing a solution: the decision must be to choose the one that best fits your own unique needs, your situation, your risks.

A Market Leader slot may indeed even be misleading!  Just how much criticism a ‘Market Leader’ can get can be observed from the current media and blogging on Microsoft.  It’s clear that although they have been a market leader for so long, that many savvy buyers are no longer planning to stay with them but to move gradually away – whether it’s moving Internet systems off Silverlight , or moving mobile to Android, or putting question marks over long-term dependency on SharePoint – because the market that they were leading has changed in moved on in terms of its requirements.

At the end of the day each client makes their unique buying choice based on their unique situation and pain and risks. Whichever supplier they choose is, for them, the ‘Market Leader’.

So the challenge for the team here is :to listen to each new prospective user, understand their needs, and see if their  gap, can be addressed with any elements of our approach.