Give your customers some love, website monitoring TLC

Date: 28th November 2011
Author: Deri Jones

A major milestone was reached for SciVisum today.

A B2C website client, Inghams Travel, has been so impressed with our Dynamic User Journey monitor service over the last year and more, that they decided to put up our logo on their website footer, to let their customers know their experience online is important.

It’s a first for us – and extremely unusual for a B2C website to badge up with one of their B2B suppliers.

So thanks to the team at Inghams – hope you sell more ski holidays this year!

The travel sector does have more challenges online in terms of customer user journey monitoring – having a dynamic inventory, with packages coming and going very rapidly, a simplistic monitor approach that just gets the same list of pre-defined URLs each time, just won’t find the gotchas that real users are exposed to.

So thanks to Inghams for the recognition – and thanks also to the many clients who’ve been praising the team here, for how much our services have been able to impact your bottom line – you’ve kept us all busy  the last couple of months, notably with the travel sector and retailers’ pre Christmas website load testing.