Jessops Goes Into Administration, But Debenhams And Tesco Do Well

Date: 10th January 2013
Author: Deri Jones

Jessops are one of our long standing customers, so there was a flurry round the office when we heard they have gone in administration.

With so many clients, many of whom are in Retail, then now and again we do have one go bust on us – I recall Zavvi’s demise, some time after they rebranded from Virgin Megastores.

Some of our clients had a much better Christmas this year, I’m not privvy to the inside financial facts at clients of course,  but from the news just the last few days I see:

  • Debenhams:   online sales up a  massive up 40% – (would be nice to think that gain was partly as a result of them changing web performance supplier to us 12 months ago!)
  • Tesco Direct up 16%: and having their best ever week online.  They did a series of website load tests with us in the 6 months run up to Christmas, on a massive scale and truly realistic in terms of replicating their real site usage, and the feedback to our team was extremely positive just this week
  • Cineworld:  3.9% year on year rise – with the Hobbit being their peak week (that’s a marmite film!) and Skyfall also accounting for a rise in online ticket sales.
  • Next: 11.2 % rise in online in like for like terms against this period last year,
  • Jigsaw: up 10%: ( a very new customer – they choose us as their first web performance monitor provider end  of 2012)

All in all, it seems like more organisations are realising the financial benefits  of using web performance services to join up technical teams with Business teams, with a  common language of day by day customer experience metrics based on realistic User Journeys not just ‘a page here and a page there’

As far is Jessops is concerned,  our  thoughts go out to Dan and the online gang.
I guess from now on the adminstrator appointed will call the shots , so no one knows what happens next for the online operation;  it’s live today but not taking orders.

Will it be restarted as a stand-alone operation even if they close stores?

Will the administrator be able to find a buyer for some of the stores and online?

Worst case scenario – will it be a fire sale, with just the brand name and Jessops domain name being sold on and no one in the eCommerce team retaining a job?