SciVisum Record-Breaking Load Testing

Date: 24th August 2017
Author: Louise Arnold

Web traffic dial

This August saw the SciVisum load test team tackle one of its biggest challenges, with a recent client load testing project seeing records break and the traffic sent through the site reaching remarkable levels. With the team conducting three days of load testing – one more than the anticipated two days scheduled – and overcoming the challenge presented by last-minute user journey changes, SciVisum was able to deliver remarkable capacity like never before.

As part of the SV-Load managed service provided, the team achieved performance that saw:

  • 800,000 concurrent users
  • 203,000 user journeys per minute
  • 1.2 million pages per minute
  • 1.3 million HTTP requests per second
  • 240Gb/s of content downloaded

Testing was conducted without any major technical problems, providing the client with high-capacity load testing and delivering actionable results to ensure optimum user experience. Such performance broke all previous records associated with load testing at SciVisum, demonstrating the level of expertise possessed by the team and the ability to exceed expectations.

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Load testing from SciVisum provides the opportunity for businesses to conduct thorough investigation into the likely performance of their web platform. Our fully managed service tackles the complexities of performance testing, with journey scripting and traffic modelling offering exceptional insight into your preparations for peak traffic periods.

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