The Six Pillars Of WebSite Monitoring – Insight From Stephen Nelson-Smith

Date: 18th January 2013
Author: Deri Jones

Now and again in the business of Website Performance Management, I come across something with the punch of a striking truth behind it.

Today it was something that Stephen Nelson-Smith had written, and that linked back in my mind to what Chris Howell (then online Director at Dixons Stores) had said on the speakers podium at Retail Business Expo 2011 (see video of presentation).

Stephen wrote:

This might seem incredibly obvious – of course we monitor our systems because downtime costs money. But if we really think like this, why are so many of our systems so woefully monitored? And why are we not monitoring business metrics alongside technical metrics?

This encapsulated succinctly exactly the reason why the monitoring services we’ve put together not only show the under-lying technical issues and root causes for problems (so tech teams can fix them fastest) but overlay on the top the underlying business truth:  what is the experience of the website  for Customers? Customers, the source of our money!

Chris Howell talked about this in terms of the monitoring Common Language a common language that can unite the tribes known as tech teams and business teams and describes how good user experience is,  24/7.

Note to self: must track Stephen down for a chat!

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