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Benefits of Choosing SV-Load

SciVisum’s end to end, in-depth web performance monitoring and load testing from the users perspective, provides more meaningful metrics on your site’s performance under load and stress. Bringing greater benefits for both technical and commercial teams by delivering more realistic and more actionable data on which to base site wide improvements, measure quality of user experience and ROI – and providing capacity planning evidence for even the most ‘show me the facts’ management.

Serving Commercial Teams

User journey load testing, if based on realistic, dynamic ‘Do What the Customer Does’  journeys delivers meaningful business metrics

  • A quantifiable measure of website performance from the user’s perspective
  • Metrics that all departments and also third parties, can understand and share
Removes hidden costs
Costs are based on the number of User Journeys, not ‘hits per second’ or the time it takes to complete the project during working hours

  • Manage budgets without unexpected overspends and don’t lose valuable testing time, when changes to the code are needed before the resumption of testing
No duplication maximises budget and resources– Test only one journey for each block of underlying technology

  • Select Journey’s which test the core functions of your website, for example user registration, login, search and add-to-basket


Serving Technical Teams

Measures the impact of increasing loads on timings and error rates at every step of a journey

  • Identifies failure criteria, measures recovery after failure and predicts when upgrades will be necessary
Identifies bottlenecks & root causes

  • A complex test sequence helps uncover route causes that are otherwise difficult to find. For example high simultaneity runs simulate many virtual users following a journey and then stopping before hitting a defined page concurrently. These tests identify a range of race conditions – coding and configuration problems often due to oversights or database locking.
Requires minimum input from client’s staff – our engineers deliver Load Testing remotely using a test engine developed in-house

  • We write the scripts and perform the tests – no hardware, software or monitoring agents are necessary and no engineering time is lost
Delivers a number of test variations to replicate real world conditions including:-

  • Modelling the ratio of users that drop out during a journey rather than testing loads where 100% of users starting a Journey follow it through to the end
  • Testing a mixture of User Journeys in line with expected load ratios such as 20% checkouts, 30% add to baskets, 40% product searches and so on
  • Checking that page content is as expected and that the link required to move to the next step in the Journey is functioning – rather than simply checking page headers
Full report and debrief – all test data and results analysis is included in a tailor-made report

  • Debrief held in person with the Engineer who ran the test project

Whether load testing  user journeys of users of traditional devices, or load testing Android user experience (or load testing iPad user experience)  SciVisum is notable for the ‘Do What the Customer Does‘ realistic User Journey approach.

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