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Benefits of choosing SV-Monitor

More meaningful metrics – for the entire business

SciVisum’s end to end, in-depth web monitoring from the users perspective, provides valuable metrics on your website’s performance – not just 99.9%. More meaningful  Website Performance Analysis metrics bring greater benefits for both technical and commercial teams by delivering more valuable data on which to base sitewide improvements, measure quality of user experience and ROI.

Whether your website is using HTML, AJAX, Flash Video, Mobile Apps or HTTP Live Streaming: there is a flavour of SciVisum’s SV-Monitor service to suit.

Serving Commercial Teams

Management overview data for reporting and KPIs with comparisons over 12 months
Measure cost of errors and downtime with Lost Sales and Lost Opportunities reporting
Optimise user experience at every step of a journey from your customer’s perspective
Identify problems before your customers find them with at a glance live status and recent errors
Be alerted to problems with email or SMS alerts sent to the relevant team for each journey
Complex transaction monitoring means all your business critical functionality is covered
Monitor 3rd party Service Level Agreements with SLA performance monitoring
Measure service delivery by third party suppliers and drive improvements
No hidden costs with automatic updating of journeys for small site changes
Test more of your site’s functionality for less – pricing per User Journey not per page or per step
Intuitive navigation. Reports, performance graphs, error tables, timing analysis and page size information for any time period
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Serving Technical Teams

More accurate assessment of performance with faster sampling

  • Fast sampling rate, testing every 5 minutes as standard
  • More accurate measure of journey downtime with an increased sampling rate when a journey is in error
  • Investigate intermittent errors such as stalling and time outs
Eliminate false results with page content verification not just page headers
Peace of mind. Any errors and you’ll be the first to know

  • Unlimited instant SMS/email alerts for each user journey
  • Sent only once an error has been verified, to avoid false alerting
  • Configure alerts contacts for each journey
  • Disable alerts during planned maintenance
Uncover sitewide issues and pinpoint error causes. Go directly to details on error duration, error cause and a breakdown of page objects downloaded from live status
Replay Journeys to see what your customer saw leading up to and during an error/warning as well as the source code at each step
Identify areas for future improvement with up to 12 months of trends data
Filter error tables by type of error
See the impact of page size on performance for every step with Page Weighting
View delivery time analysis for every step
Monitor third party SLAs with SLA window monitoring
Navigate backwards and forwards through time and zoom into performance graphs for more detail
A constant timeline across all journeys for performance graphs, errors and page delivery analysis
In house R&D provides an ongoing portal development programme and the flexibility to tailor solutions to client’s needs
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Portal Storage

Reporting data over 12 months
Trends data 12 months
Component data 3 months
Replay Journey 1 month


Service Variants

SciVisum offer a variety of on demand website testing services catering for all business and technical requirements. Read the short list below for an overview of our on demand services.

RIA Monitoring
Reduce response times and ensure your rich internet applications (RIA) and streaming media are performing

Video Streaming monitoring service
Whether you still use Flash video streaming, or are planning to move to the newer HTTP Live Streaming* approach, whether you’re building your own delivery work over the Cloud, or using as third-party video streaming supplier: SciViusm’s Video Streaming monitoring service takes out the guess work of what your users are experiencing real-time. The BBC used SciVisum’s Video streaming monitoring service to set a benchmark

Web Farm Monitoring
Onsite monitoring and transaction testing helps identify and resolve performance issues with multiple web farm servers

Real Browser
Gain a more in-depth understanding of the user experience through ‘real-browser’ testing

City Watch
Identify cultural trends and intercontinental problems by monitoring geographically from the cities/countries where you have significant customers



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