Deri Jones To Present On The 7 Deadly Sins Of eCommerce

For an eCommerce manager juggling a website’s marketing features, usability, performance and stability it can be easy to fall from the path of best practice. Let Deri Jones, CEO of SciVisum, teach you how to avoid the Seven Deadly Sins Of The eCommerce Manager at Retail Business Technology Expo!

Deri Jones will be presenting in the Pecha Kucha theatre in the eCommerce Pavilion of Retail Business Technology Expo at:

    • Tuesday 12th March at 15.20
    • Wednesday 13th March 14.10

Find out how to resist the each of these deadly temptations:

1. Lust

eCommerce managers often lust for a mythical “perfection”, causing major problems.


2. Gluttony

Every company and developer is aware of software bloat, but hardware is improving so fast that some developers believe they can afford to be gluttons of CPU cycles and memory.


3. Avarice

Greed leads to short-term goals, resulting in technical debt and long-term site slowness. The more features hacked in, the harder it becomes to maintain the whole product.


4. Sloth

Sloth in eCommerce sins is apathy, not laziness!


5. Wrath

Poor communication, misunderstandings and “not my department’s concern” attitudes are at the root of much anger.


6. Envy

It’s impossible not to compare with competition, Business School 101 teaches the Industry benchmark approach.


7. Pride

It’s good when an eCommerce manager is proud of the team, the campaigns, the development, the joined up integration etc.

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