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You’ve planned an online marketing strategy, spent months approving creative specs and overseeing the technical development. The deadlines are drawing to a close and the campaigns are almost ready to launch. But are you missing a critical element?

You might be. A campaign is only as good as the technical infrastructure it sits on. Unfortunately the underlying technical resources behind a campaign are often overlooked resulting in a poor performing website, online queues, sporadic errors and customers unable to complete purchases. Or worse, an unprecedented increase in traffic causes the website to be down for hours and even days, wasting substantial budget, damaging new customer opportunities and existing customer retention.

Before deploying the online campaign it’s imperative to load test your site using SV-Load to analyse the capacity threshold of your website and ensure that the site can withstand load/traffic increases, allowing the technical department to prepare in advance.

For continued monitoring during the campaign SV-Monitor provides a clear picture of your technical performance as experienced by the end user. Website monitoring provides continued support in delivering optimum user experience, helping technical departments to identify areas most disruptive to your users, reduce or eliminate slow page load times, and making sure all your applications and page content are being delivered. SV-Monitor will also alert you when problems arise by sending an automatic email immediately to an elected contact, considerably reducing the possibility of downtime and saving your campaign from technical failure.

So you’re aware that monitoring a campaign is important, but don’t know where to start? SciVisum provide a free consultative service to help you get prepared for your online endeavors. Contact our team with your questions and we’ll help you generate a monitoring plan in line with your campaign depending your planning stage, volume, frequency and goals.


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