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SciVisum Website Performance Monitoring

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Monitor mobile performance on real iPhone and Android browsers

Replay what the customer saw when an error occurred

Enable speedy identification and resolution of issues

Deliver an enhanced customer experience and reduce lost sales

Enhance user experience

“There’s no other way to check how the customer is experiencing our sites other than via SciVisum – it’s simply not feasible for us to check the sites all day, every day. SciVisum works 24/7 so we don’t have to – we can then react when it raises an alert.”

Lalit Mandalia, Head of Technical Services

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Peace of mind with 3rd parties

“The service picked up immediately on a number of issues and gave us the root cause of the problems to present to suppliers. Essentially SciVisum gave us a visual target, making it easy to dip deeper into the details to find the exact source of a problem.”

Josh Towb, Web Trading Manager

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Base decisions on realistic data

“We particularly like how SciVisum delivers realistic data. It uses unique journeys each time, interacting with the website in the same way as our customers. The tests travel from page to page and function to function rather than assessing single pages or functions in isolation. “

Dan Fulton, Head of SEO

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