Intranet Monitoring

Ensure your internal applications are performing…

Are your internal systems keeping pace with business demands?

Test your internal systems such as; CRM apparatus, staff management systems, web based warehouse procedures and knowledge management portals.

Can you deliver your promises?

Whether your intranet provides important updates and documents to court cases remotely, or your warehouse management system needs to accurately reflect stock levels with on-line transactions, it is important to monitor internal systems to ensure your infrastructure is performing. Any weaknesses in a system are likely to be shown up during crucial periods or seasonal high trading. Optimising internal system performance in line with external developments is integral to maintaining the flow of business operations and meeting demands during stress periods.

SciVisum on-site monitoring system uses the same User Journey approach employed by the remote monitoring service. User Journeys are scripted to perform paths that your staff typically take to navigate the core functions of your systems. Our focus on ‘User Journeys’ means a clearer, more realistic picture of your staff’s experience of your systems providing a more realistic picture of your internal technical applications.

Our on-site web site testing brings the power of our Dynamic User Journey testing right to the heart of the business critical applications your company depends on.


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