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Peak load testing is complete and your code’s locked down but do you have proactive monitoring in place to help take the strain and identify unforseen errors before they impact your customers and damage conversions?

Newmarket Holidays boosts web performance & product availability with SciVisum’s proactive monitoring

For trusted tour operator Newmarket, anything that adversely impacts the impetus of a customer’s online journey – potentially increasing the risk of abandonment – is a threat to both business and brand. But, accurately tracking performance on a highly complex website with a bespoke back office system is a big ask.

With a re-platforming project already underway and a relatively small in-house team, Newmarket was not only looking for the right tool but also for a partner with the best fit to support its web team. Newmarket turned to SciVisum for a proactive website monitoring service to deliver an objective and repeatable measurement of website performance.

“We needed a partner organisation with the right fit. We (like so many teams in so many businesses) are always busy, and so rely on the proactivity of the team at SciVisum. I consider this a real strength and a clear differentiator… We’re enjoying the flexibility and proactivity that SciVisum’s managed solution brings, which means we’ve been able to resolve issues before they become a problem to our customers.”

Oliver Roberts
Website Manager, Newmarket Holidays

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Why proactive monitoring is critical to the travel industry

Travel operators are vulnerable to a uniquely complex set of performance risks and challenges –  managing highly complex transactions, that rely on many APIs and third-party components to deliver personalised information on demand.  And the online booking journey is a lengthy process so your website must deliver a responsive, smooth booking experience across multiple visits and multiple devices. A managed, proactive web monitoring service can help take the strain of these challenges, mitigate the risks and drive business growth.

Find out how a managed, web monitoring service delivers ROI

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