Betting Business Interactive Magazine – Monitoring what the Customer sees

Deri Jones of SciVisum writes in the July issue of Betting Business Interactive, on “Monitoring what the Betting customer sees”

“Customer experience is incredibly important in online gaming and gambling, perhaps more so than on any other type of site apart from online banking. Users visit for an entertainment experience, which must be enjoyable on all levels, but they must also develop very high levels of trust and confidence, both in the fairness of the games and the security of any financial transactions.  Problems in performance from sporadic “glitches” through to full site outage,  website or app whether caused by hardware, software, design or content can disrupt this experience for the user, and hit the operators hard on the bottom line.

For this reason it is vital to focus all monitoring from the customer point of view to ensure you can be confident that the users feel happy and secure, however they are interacting with your brand.

Taking a “Customer First” approach to measuring performance on betting sites and apps..   (click for full article)

in the July issue of Betting Business Interactive