Deri Jones Navigates The Load Testing Peaks For Integrated Retailer

Deri Jones, CEO of SciVisum, was to be found navigating the Load Test peaks for Integrated Retailer Magazine and discussing the importance of defining your journeys around “reality based” as opposed to merely “rate based” metrics.

SciVisum is well known for a unique approach to load testing that builds complex real life scenarios with a test engine that replicates sophisticated user behaviour and is used by some of the biggest high street names to ensure sites are ready to withstand the heavy traffic of seasonal peaks, important campaigns and new launches.

Deri also discusses why it’s time to retire some old myths such as the often misleading “concurrent users” number, which has lead many a well intentioned campaign mananger into a false sense of security which proved the undoing of their campaign.

Load Testing is no longer “just a backroom IT thing”. It is of critical strategic importance to any online operation.

Clients say:

“SciVisum’s approach of generating as close to a real-life scenario through building a sensible set of user journeys and then using current information we had on usage on the site to generate load based on a real-life mix of those journeys was also much more precise approach compared to what we’d attempted ourselves in the past.” Hamish McFayden, eCommerce Systems Manager, Clarks

“As the Test Manager was assigned and retained for all tests this ensured familiarity with, and experience in, our platforms and code. This combined with the out of hours accommodation for our testing periods made the SciVisum approach stand out.” Andy Dean, Thomas Cook

“SciVisum is our first port of call when we release a new deployment or introduce a new app; we rely on them to ensure everything is working correctly for our customers.” Matthew Briggs, Tesco

“We rely heavily on your system and downtime means a loss in sales and damage to brand image for all our partners. Your support team consistently provide rapid reactive responses, as well as proactive support and have noticed issues before we have done ourselves.”  Joe Doherty Kitbag

“SciVisum’s testing has contributed to understanding the performance capacity of the web site and assists us in planning customer demand.” eCommerce Infrastructure Manager, Boden