Dynamic Selection Choices In Email Alerting

With our  powerful Dynamic User Journey approach SciVisum monitoring is unique in the way they “do what the customer does” and so provide a unique window, “seeing what the customer sees” and offering true realism every time we take a journey through your site. This means every alert we send is because somewhere a real live customer is experiencing that issue in real time on your site.

With our latest update clients no longer have to visit the portal to see what the dynamic choices that were made in the journey that triggered the alert. Instead they can see the choices directly in the email alert, allowing for quicker analysis.

This upgrade was requested by a number of clients who find the dynamic data record especially useful data as it allows you to:

  • Understand exactly what happened and the route taken through the site
  • Take the same journey manually through the site to test performance
  • Replay the same journey automatically
  • Compare with an OK sample using the same choices

All SciVisum alerting is fully configurable to a very finegrained level of control, so that they can be customised to suit both team and individuals roles, practices and position in the company workflow.

Alerting can be set at not only the level of the individual user (who gets alerted for which types of issues and how they receive those alerts) but at what stage in the process a person is brought into the alert cycle if a problem escalates so that people are not getting redundant messages and losing important notifications.

SV Monitoring Suite

All products in the Monitoring Suite have been designed with different user needs in mind, but all are delivered through the intuitive Customer Portal, and enjoy the one-on-one managed service support, that our clients value so highly.

To help support all teams, and provide a “single point of truth”, all products in the SV Monitor Suite are designed to ensure that everyone can understand and be proficient in using the wide ranging metrics to deliver ongoing improvements.