New Dashboard For SciVisum Load Test Portal Released

SciVisum’s Managed Load Test Service new dashboard enables clients to see key data as they watch live  load tests in progress, while in conference with the Load Test Engineer.

SciVisum Load Testing Service gives clients access to expert testers with specialist knowledge to spot problems quickly and provide insights into the root causes of problems. SciVisum’s Load Testing Service offers guaranteed expansive and complex testing sessions often unobtainable from self-servicing due to departmental time constraints.

The exact process for a load test varies from client to client, as you would expect with a bespoke managed service, but the key point in all projects are the live tests themselves. Many clients like to watch the testing live and be on conference call with the load test engineer during the test to discuss what is happening, give and gain context to the performance, and ask questions and make suggestions as the test progresses.

Our new dashboard interface makes it easy for clients to follow the progress of load tests by:

Summary View

  • Completion rate
  • Delivery time
  • Overall completion rate by step
  • Error Rate

All Journeys View

  • Completion rate by user journey
  • Average Delivery time by user journey
  •  Step Completion rate by user journey
  • Error Rate by user journey

Journey Specific View

  • Step Completion rate by step
  • Average step delivery time by step

Step Level View

  • Individual step completion rate
  • Individual step delivery time

With sites becoming increasingly complex and relying on the integration of many different systems the identification of any bottlenecks require in depth analysis and the correlation of many different sources of data. The flexibility of sites has also lead to increased sophistication in user behaviour as there are many more ways for customers to interact with sites. This can also make testing more challenging where an organisation is determined to ensure that all these different types of users and usage patterns have been understood and optimised.

It is becoming increasingly clear to online times across all disciplines that as eCommerce continues to rise in strategic importance the data available from simpler, traditional, load testing that they could do themselves with self service tools that concentrates on basic metrics such as concurrent user sessions, page views, or technology driven performance measures alone was no longer able to provide the level of insight needed.

SciVisum’s innovative approach to “realistic testing” through the use of Dynamic User Journeys that really “Do What The Customer Does” can provide just the in-depth information needed by all the teams involved at all stages of the eCommerce strategy and execution.

SciVisum work closely with clients to generate as close to a real-life scenario as possible. We do this through building a representative set of user journeys by collating information from benchmarked 24×7 monitoring, web analytics usage stats, and other relevant systems to generate load that offers much more precise insights than can be achieved with simpler traditional or self service methods.

Working together in this way means that the client’s staff can focus in on designing and implementing changes resulting from initial findings before re-running the test to see the results.