Replay Real Browser Journeys

The “Replay” feature that enables users to recreate the exact user session as the user experienced it has always been a very popular feature on our monitoring portal. Now we have extended this feature to our “Real Browser” user journeys as well.

For organisations concerned with what the customer does, feels and experiences SV-Real Browser delivers true user focused monitoring and reporting. Using a middle performance band browser it enables marketing, brand, usability and eCommerce teams to experience what real users do when they interact with your site and applications.

SV Real Browser is designed for Marketing and Brand teams who invest time and money in bringing users to the site through SEO, SEM, advertising, events, social media activities and PR campaigns and want to provide a great user experience to them when they arrive. If visitors are unable to interact with the site as intended problems need to be identified and rectified as soon as possible.

SVM Monitor Real Browser is part of the SV-Monitoring Suite of User Journey monitor tools, and is the service used primarily by Marketing, UX, brand and web design teams who work with AJAX and javascript and want to know the effect it has for real users. SV Real Browser is also used by Web developers, designers and content producers who are focused on the creation of a rich customer experience. Errors in coding can cause sharp increases in processing and rendering times for the browser at home – exactly the opposite of what was intended. Knowing what real users experience removes the danger of lost sales and the risk of brand damage.

SV-Real Browser delivers the crucial insights and information needed by your technical and marketing teams about your customers’ real online experience.

Customer experience has become one of the most important differentiators between otherwise similar products and services. Keep your users happy and protect your revenue and brand by identifying and correcting problems before the users experience them.

Working Together

SV-Monitor and SV Real Browser have been designed with different user needs in mind, but both are delivered through the intuitive Customer Portal, and enjoy the one-on-one managed service support, that all clients value so highly.

To help support all teams, and provide a “single point of truth”, all products in the SV Monitor Suite are designed to ensure that everyone can understand and be proficient in using the wide ranging metrics to deliver ongoing improvements. The importance of any Customer Experience monitoring is that it provides information that is accessible and actionable across all teams within an eCommerce organisation.

Many organisations find that using a mix of monitoring systems from the SV Suite depending on the purpose of the site or application being measured, and the team that needs the information is the best solution

The SV Monitor Suite meets the needs of :

  • Operations and Service Delivery Managers – who care about customer experience impact due to how their servers are performing.
  • Marketing, UX and Brand Managers and Web Design Engineers – who care about Customer Experience impact through slower delivery of content.

Central to SciViusm’s testing ethos is Application Synchronicity; the unique application of Dynamic User Journeys to every testing specification. Web users do not interact with your website by accessing a single page, a single server or an isolated function, but by fluidly travelling through the site from page to page – function to function.

It is therefore important to understand how an end user experiences your unique combination of code and applications as they complete their journey. SciViusm’s advanced testing approach ‘Application Synchronicity’ provides user-centric real-life metrics delivering invaluable insights into your entire website delivery on which you can base budget allocations effectively to maximise impact, protect brand image and deliver consistent positive end user experiences.