Scivisum Debuts Sporadic Error Reports

Our latest release is a new alert and report that marks the beginning of a set of tools highlighting the importance of sporadic, or short term, errors in a number of different ways per journey and how they affect user experience. The impact of sporadic errors can easily be underestimated when they are only viewed in isolation, and that trends and issues involving them can be harder to identify and resolve.

We have been working with several  clients in a number of industries over the past few months to investigate the real incremental cost and impact on KPIs  that can result from sporadic errors, little “blips” in performance that either do not last for a sufficent amount of time to trigger a warning, slow down or cut off alert, and are not immediately replicable.

In some cases these “blips” are due to the natural ebb and flow of network traffic, browser peculiarities, local conditions and the like and the thinking has typically been that such things cost more to try and investigate and control than resolving every last anomaly is worth to the business. In a lot of cases this assessment in correct, but what we have been working on is how do you identify the ones that actually would be worth the time and effort to analyse further.

Short term errors, while often insignficant in themselves, can build up to a substantial total over time. Their very nature means that they can be easy to overlook, or to miss underlying patterns and probable causes, that would be more readily apparent in errors and issues that last for longer periods of time and are seen by more of the operations and content teams.

With traffic volumes so high on many sites now, and content provision often so complex, a total of a few minutes problem every day can quickly add up over the course of a week or a month.

Based on our work with clients the first release in our new Sporadic Error Reporting provides details by dynamic user journey on:

The statistical chance of a sporadic error
The total time spent in sporadic error
The % of time spent in sporadic error
The total number of sporadic errors

Clients can see the report in the SV Monitor Portal or opt to have it emailed to them at a schedule of their choosing. Sporadic errors can also be seen in realtime on our Wallboard as they occur which can make it easier to spot patterns of recurrence.

SV Monitoring Suite

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