SciVisum’s new monitoring feature helps Boden measure the impact of website changes

Boden is one of first customers to benefit from SciVisum’s new Site Release Management

SciVisum’s new Site Release Management enables clients to monitor how their websites perform before and after tracked changes.  Using its unique user journey monitoring, SciVisum enables comparisons of journey performance following a tracked change to the site with the same period the previous week.

Deri Jones, CEO of SciVisum says, “This new service provides a quick and easy way for organisations to ensure that any changes to their website – made either by themselves or partners – improve rather than worsen the performance of their sites.”

Boden, one of the UK’s leading online fashion retailers, is already using SciVisum’s historical views to compare website performance before and after new software updates across its six websites.

“SciVisum’s user journeys help us to ensure that the websites operate at full capacity alongside all connected systems,” says David Petronzio, Head of Development at Boden. “The new Site Release Management tool really helps us to track improvements – we can calculate any changes in journey times very quickly, one of our key measures of performance. There’s no other way to check how the customer is experiencing our sites other than via SciVisum – it works 24/7 so we don’t have to – we can then react when it raises an alert.”

With Site Release Management, organisations like Boden can compare performance against delivery time, availability and value of lost sales/opportunities before and at regular intervals after a planned change to the site. The system can also compare performance between different site configurations such as hardware, software, design or any other changes.