Scivisum Launches Intelligent Wallboard

Here at SciVisum we are constantly working to improve the wallboard and add new features to bring client the next level of usable, business critical, information. The latest phase of this project sees bespoke icons onto the Wallboard to give more at a glance information about the cause of errors.

The wallboard is one of SciVisum’s best loved features and many clients display it on large screens in their throughout their offices so that everyone has real-time information about online performance from an  intuitive, at-a-glance displa. This is vitally important for organisations where eCommerce, multichannel and online activities are part of the core strategy and involve many internal teams and often 3rd party suppliers.

Currently users can see “There is a red bar, so there is an error”, and this is a great way to “unite the tribes” and get everyone informed and using a common language – but as the whole organisation becomes more online focused and traditionally “non-technical” departments become more comfortable with, and ask for more, performance data, clients asked told us that they would like to take in more information with their glance at the wallboard.

To achieve this and help support staff start investigations in the right place, or for non-technical staff to know if the error affects them or their department and requires their attention/action we have launched a new feature with the ability to see the cause of errors on the wallboard at a glance, and providing more context to users.

The first type of error clients will be able to identify on the wall board is one that is caused by third party hosts. This was the error type identified by clients as being most important to identify.

Errors in the area of inventory management and content management will be the next priority and up-coming releases will enable clients to chose which error types they wish to display on the wallboard depending on what is most important to their online strategy, or where help is needed most or response most urgently.

SV Monitoring Suite

All products in the Monitoring Suite have been designed with different user needs in mind, but all are delivered through the intuitive Customer Portal, and enjoy the one-on-one managed service support, that our clients value so highly.

To help support all teams, and provide a “single point of truth”, all products in the SV Monitor Suite are designed to ensure that everyone can understand and be proficient in using the wide ranging metrics to deliver ongoing improvements.