SciVisum Launches Retrospective PMEs

Planned Maintenance Exclusions (PMEs) are very powerful tools that are used to ensure that during user defined periods of downtime used for upgrades, testing, rollouts, maintenance etc) alerts for errors are suppressed so as not to throw out lots of noise during a time that IT staff know the system is down or changing and will not be performing correctly and will set off alarms for false positives. In our latest update the entire PME interface has been improved to make it easier to use and to give more control to support client needs.

Two new major features have been added to the PME controls:

  • the ability to create a historical adhoc PME, (a one off data exclusion for a period of time in the past)
  • the ability to extend an existing historical PME to finish later then it was originally configured to do so.

Being able to have such tight control over data exclusion periods is vital as KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) become an important part of 3rd party supplier SLAs (service level agreements) so ensuring “downtime really is downtime”

Of course adding a Historic PME means that any reporting for that time needs to be recalcuated. Users are protected from errors in this area by the recalculation being done automatically, and users / report recipients being alerted to the fact that a PME window has now been applied and with the option to download a new set of reports. Reports in the live portal are automatically updated and the data for the period excluded.

You can now choose to see “all journeys” or filter the PMEs by journeys which is useful for clients with complex maintenence schedules. PMEs can be viewed by those scheduled to run in the future, or by those that have recently completed.

We added the ability to extend a PME window for a PME that is already set, as often in troubleshooting or testing situtations finding a solution can take more or less time than anticipated, and it is better to be able to alter the period covered by PME window so that it is accurate then either create a second window or “remember what happened” when it comes analysing trends for support and downtime.

SV Monitoring Suite

All products in the Monitoring Suite have been designed with different user needs in mind, but all are delivered through the intuitive Customer Portal, and enjoy the one-on-one managed service support, that our clients value so highly.

To help support all teams, and provide a “single point of truth”, all products in the SV Monitor Suite are designed to ensure that everyone can understand and be proficient in using the wide ranging metrics to deliver ongoing improvements.