SciVisum are quoted in The Telegraph following DVLA website crash

Following the recent crash of the DVLA website on the first day of paper tax discs being scrapped The Telegraph quoted Deri Jones:

CEO Deri Jones, of website performance monitoring company Scivisum, said with modern technology there is “no excuse” for sites to crash in these circumstances. “It’s true to say that nobody could have predicted the volume of traffic on the website, there’s always an element of guesswork involved with something new like this,” he said. “But with today’s elastic cloud technology there’s really no excuse. With a well-designed site it’s possible to scale up a website as and when you need it, even for short periods of time.”

Read SciVisum’s original blog DVLA website crash – there’s no excuse updated 19 November 2014: DVLA own data suggests that the ‘peak’ of usage was actually pretty small.

See the Daily Telegraph article:
The Daily Telegraph quote_Scivisum_on DVLA website performance