SciVisum Releases New Rota Management Tools For Support Teams

The latest release to our Monitoring Portal is a Rota Management Suite, developed in close consultation with a number of our clients.

Many clients have complex support rota patterns, with different teams responsible for different aspect of the site, the backend and mobile apps at different times. As the website increases in complexity and strategic importance it is vitally important that the right people get notified of things at the right time.

As all our clients operate their rotas differently we didn’t consider  the “one size fits all” options available in most monitoring systems.

At SciVisum we believe that the software should fit the needs of the user, not the user have to change their entire way of working to “get around” the software, which is what many people told us they had experienced with previous systems.

We had always enabled users to configure their office hours and out of office hours and select whether the alert contacts for those times would be by email, SMS or both, along with many different levels of fine grained alerting based on user journey, components, steps, role in the escalation chain of command, and a number of other variables.

The new Rota Management system allows total customisation and admin users can:

  • Create a repeating cycle for user specified length of time
  • Create any number of support configurations, of any length and duration,  for alert notification within that cycle
  • Allow each user’s alert preferences to be set individually for how they are alerted, what they are alerted on, and when
  • Add exceptions for user leave
  • Include 3rd party users in the rota
  • Safety checks to ensure there is no period of time without support coverage.

Many of SciVisum’s other analytical tools and features can also be helpful in determining what levels of support are needed at what periods,  how to prioritise response to different types of problem, when to suspend alerting for known maintenance and how to handle SLA performance of external suppliers.