SciVisum Rolls Out: Site Release Monitor v2

The Site Release Monitor compares user journey performance in terms of delivery, availability and value of lost sales/opportunities at regular, user specified intervals, following a tracked change to the site, for example an upgrade, development or any other alteration, at regular, specified intervals with the same period the previous week.

Create, Compare, Communicate

Reports are automatically generated and emailed directly to all stakeholders specified by the administrator, enabling immediate information sharing throughout the organization, reducing waiting time and allowing for instant response and action where necessary.

A new report is generated by default at a user configurable schedule after a tracked release:

To enable rapid assessment of the impact of the release each comparison table compares performance at 3 points in the critical hours after release.

1. The time at which the report is generated.
2. The equivalent period immediately prior to release.
3. The equivalent period a week prior to release.

Performance is compared in terms of percentage change from the comparison periods, complemented by an intuitive graphical display that offers “understanding at a glance” with a red bar indicating a decline in performance and a green bar an improvement.

Where an issue occurs the complexity caused by multiple variables can make isolating the cause extremely time consuming. With many departments now waiting on the results of a change, and needing different data comparisons, the need to easily and automatically get the right information to the right people at the right time is becoming more and more crucial.

The SV-Release Monitor reporting provides you not only with technical and operational information, but shows the impact of changes in performance on opportunity cost, the value of lost sales, the potential of lost leads, perception of customer service, user experience and brand management across all media.

Supporting the Release Monitor

The SV-Site Release Monitor tool provides information that supports all stakeholders by:

  • Supporting interdepartmental collaboration on development and design
  • Enabling relevant staff and departments to take responsibility for their changes
  • >Helping support review and analysis towards continual process improvement and ROI
  • >Identifying problems for improved trouble shooting
  • Planning support and managing 3rd parties and partners.
  • Enabling co-ordination of changes in line with business considerations
  • Providing a common language and a single point of truth for discussion and documentation
  • Helping to establish a robust release cycle.

SciVisum’s new Site Release Monitor enables clients to understand the impact of changes, updates and releases on both site performance and the bottom-line in the critical hours following deployment.

More and more often discussions about monitoring and testing with clients turn on ways to ensure that the impact of releases can be managed and measured accurately for all stakeholders throughout the organisation. Anything that affects user behaviour (whether that is a network, hardware, software, content or design issue) will be felt directly on both brand and the bottom line. We found that the constant cycle of development, testing, and release, use of agile development methodologies and the “permanent beta” approach have put greater pressure on the release management team and increased the need for robust, reliable, comparative performance and impact data.

Working closely with clients who operate across wide variety of processes and approaches, from infrequent large enterprise wide roll-outs releases to frequent incremental updates and “permanent beta” style development, we have been able to develop a flexible, powerful system that is easily configurable by the user to meet all needs.Deri Jones, CEO