SciVisum Sponsor London Tester Gathering In April

SciVisum is pleased to be sponsoring the London Tester Gathering on Tuesday 23rd of April.

Location: London

23rd April, 2013

The London Tester Gathering provides a meeting place and regular events for anyone involved in testing products which are developed in an Agile environment.

At the gathering testers can meet, chat, and share stories and experiences about tools and techniques which may, or may not, have solved testing problems on other Agile projects.


Lessons Learnt From Load Testing The World’s 3rd Largest Supermarket
Deri Jones

The Power Of Positive Testing
Trish Khoo

Deri Jones says:

“We are delighted to be sponsoring the next Tester Gathering. Tony Bruce has done great work in building a very friendly and informed community, full of interesting people from the forefront of testing, and all ready to share their experiences, whether with TDD, BDD, continuous integration or about the particular challenges of specific industries or technologies.

We work very closely with testing teams day-to-day and the event provides a great opportunity to talk to people, understand their perspective, needs and working processes and share in the latest thinking and best practice. It’s becoming increasingly common to see proactive testers and QAs appearing in key ecommerce stakeholder teams, using data to drive strategy and prioritisation.

By sponsoring the Gathering we hope to give something back to the community we value and help bridge the gap between development, testing and live monitoring.”

The group decides what topics are covered at meetings and what open source tools will be demonstrated live. So if you want to know how to integrate Slim with Webdriver, how BDD should be used from a testers perspective, or even how Selenium IDE can be used to automate regression testing on your website, then join the group and put forward the topic of your choice.

There is also a LinkedIn group for the Gathering where you can join in discussions even if you cannot get to the event itself.