SciVisum Wins Best Cloud Product Award

SciVisum is the proud winner of the Best Cloud Product category in the Techworld 2011 awards for our Mobile Monitoring Solution – an enterprise strength solution for mobile apps.

Techworld 2011 Awards

The Techworld Awards took place in Dartmouth House in central London on the 29th of June and Deri Jones, CEO of SciVisum, was on hand with the team to pick up the our award, the first of the night, for the Best Cloud Product for our work on the SciVisum iPhone Application Monitor.

Techworld editor Mike Simons said the SciVisum product had been “highly rated” by the judges, because a “cloud based tool that monitors 24/7 mobile users’ experience of a website is the right technology for the right issue, right now”.

Mobile use is increasing at a phenomenal rate globally, providing personal and immediate contact with the individual customer. That very intimacy means that the user experience has to be flawless to capture and retain customers. Mobile app usage is growing rapidly, and there is every sign that with the iPad and its raft of competitors that usage will only broaden.

Major online retailers are ramping up their mobile delivery mechanisms. But the mobile opportunity is also a pitfall for the unwary. The problem is the speed and reliability of the user experience when using an app.  Many companies have outsourced the coding of their apps, and so have little direct control over how well it meets the users’

“Unfortunately, 99% of retailers are not able to monitor 24/7 user experience of their mobile apps – so are flying in the dark. The usual monitoring approaches just don’t work in the mobile space'”
Deri Jones, CEO, SciVisum

The performance problems that can bite the unwary range from simple slowdowns: at times when the main website is slow during peak traffic periods, there are situations when the code that supports mobile users slows down more than the main site: leaving mobile getting the crumbs from the performance table.

Or more problematic, a mobile app user can experience errors that are not exposed to normal web users, due to a range of issues to do with network limitations, and server software delivery design.

Undoubtedly, when user journey problems occur within a mobile site, the user’s confidence plummets.

With the added ability in our service to add Lost Sales KPI to the performance of the Mobile User Journey, it helps focus both marketing and technical team around the keynote common aim of reducing user pain on the money-making mobile user journeys

Working closely with clients of all sizes SciVisum developed the new Mobile-App Monitor service, a flexible system that enables full visibility of the performance of mobile apps and services and can provide exactly the information organisations needs to ensure they are not losing sales, loyalty or customer engagement through the mobile channel. The technology builds on the existing flexible Application Synchronicity platform that underpins SciVisum’s monitoring of its unique Dynamic User Journey.

Speaking about Tesco’s use of SciVisum’s Mobile App Monitor for their iPhone grocery portal Matthew Briggs, Service Manager at said:

“Our customers are using our new iPhone app to check and amend their orders. In just a few weeks it has become a valuable addition to our business and the customer’s shopping experience. SciVisum responded quickly to the iPhone app launch and developed the new mobile service to replicate and monitor how the iPhone app performs for our customers. We can test the multiple journeys that customers take through the grocery site to ensure it is working effectively for them.”

The iPhone Application Monitor on 11 November 2010. It is the first monitoring solution for iPhone apps with Tesco as its first customer.