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The way we understand and interact with websites has become more sophisticated and as a result the technology behind the scenes has also rapidly developed. For this reason it is important to ensure you have the correct website monitoring service which can cope with the technological complexities behind your website.

Traditional monitoring, which draws a ‘customer journey’ by checking a fixed number of URLs, no longer works. All URLs may show an OK response: but as this approach does not ‘Do What the Customer Does’ as it side-steps complex code experienced by the user (users click buttons, not type URLs as they navigate)… the results provide a false sense of security.

In contrast, SciVisum Dynamic User Journey monitoring approach happily works alongside modern coding practices including complexities such as the latest AJAX and RIA usage. Because our Journeys are not URL based, they do not follow a pre-cooked URL list. Instead, at each step of a User Journey, our technology looks into the page and dynamically pulls out what is needed simulating real customer interaction.

user journey monitoring | Scivisum Realistic website User Journey monitoring

For so many organisations websites are now a core sales and marketing channel bringing substantial financial contributions. However the continuous development of the social media internet features, escalating technological complexities, alongside increasingly fierce competition in the digital market place has made a focus on Realistic website User Journey monitoring critical to maintaining a competitive position.

“46% of adults reported they would abandon a transaction after experiencing a problem on a web site”

When businesses do not monitor website performance directly as experienced by users, system errors can go unnoticed directly impacting company ROI. By its nature, online shopping allows users to switch between sites and brands very easily. This allows dissatisfied customers to ‘walk away’ at a click of a mouse – often, to sites they may not have heard of before. Online service delivery and customer experience is perhaps more critical than any other shopping outlet due to the fickle nature of online confidence. To truly understand your website performance, and which technical issues are most disruptive to an end user, it is imperative to test from the customer’s perspective, not a checklist of internal metrics, or partial journeys. Having SciVisum’s pedigree as supplier in Dynamic User Journey Testing on your site, confidence will grow in your ability to remove obstacles to your users.

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