How easy is it to get started with SciVisum performance monitoring?

As a high touch cloud-based monitoring service, SV-Monitor provides valuable hands-on support throughout the service right from initial setup. We’ve outlined the key stages below to show you just how easy it is to get started with SciVisum’s performance monitoring.

We’ll lead you through a simple and logical set up process

Step 1 – Quick and easy setup

After we’ve established key contacts within your business, we can begin specifying your unique journeys based on the areas you’ve identified for monitoring – usually those that are business-critical. We’ll draw up a plan and help you decide which journeys to prioritise.

A review of analytics will determine which browsers to include, as well as the countries of origin and common behaviours of users. Should complex functionality need to be covered, the technical team will help to explore the best ways of including this in the monitoring package.

A basic outline of the steps required is created and a technical document prepared to include any additional details we need to write scripts for the journeys.

We’ll write and test the scripts

Step 2 – Script creation and testing

The technical team will use their expertise to create journey scripts that are tailored precisely to the site they will be monitoring. Scripts are subjected to rigorous QA before delivery. IPs are provided so SciVisum’s traffic can be excluded from analytics and any other tools you may be using to track users.

Any issues found during the scripting phase are discussed so you’ll know about bugs we’re detecting even before you have sight of the journey. We will always work hard to ensure the journeys are as dynamic as possible, covering as much of the site as practicable in a single user journey.

You’ll have secure access to our monitoring portal

Step 3 – Access to our monitoring portal

Logins and alerts are established for named contacts and an initial training session is arranged – either on-site or online – during which we’ll also help to configure settings to fine-tune monitoring further.

A ‘bedding-in’ phase follows. We’ll work with you to ensure the script is functioning as it should and a high level of support is maintained during these early stages to explain issues in more detail and guide you through the data. Follow-up training sessions cover more in-depth areas of the portal that may be useful going forward.

We’ll provide on-going proactive support

Step 4 – Proactive support as standard

The SciVisum team keeps an eye on all client journeys and proactively investigates any issues flagged in order to provide more insight. We’ll always respond to your questions and will continue to provide help with setting up reports and locating data.

We can arrange ad-hoc training sessions for new starters or refreshers for team members looking to review or enhance their existing skills. Quarterly webinar sessions demonstrate how to use the portal for a range of themes, voted for by clients and are free to join.

As content changes following releases to the site, journeys will be updated accordingly. If new functionality needs to be covered, the technical team will explore the best ways of including it in the monitoring package.

“I really must commend the SciVisum monitoring support team for their support and personal service – they consistently exceed my expectations and help me deliver the very best website for HMV’s customers.” 

Steve Partridge
Head of eCommerce, HMV

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What next?

If you’d prefer to read a little more before you get in touch visit our performance monitoring service pages or download our SV-Monitor service datasheet.