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Bridging the gap between business and technology teams by providing a common language, in depth analysis, expert monitoring, intuitive reporting, and comprehensive client support, our portfolio of “dynamic user journey” based emulation, monitoring and analysis services enable business wide understanding of the impact of online performance on the bottom line.

When monitoring or testing website performance it is important that the software behaves like a user, not a program. Instead of merely checking availability of single pages it needs to take the same actions, in the same way, as real users, experiencing your unique combination of code and applications that occur throughout the interactive journey.

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Adobe pdf iconAbout Us

Download corporate PDFWe support clients in improving online performance, creating positive user experience, facilitating cross departmental collaboration, and improving ROI through the provision of uniquely in-depth analysis, intuitive reporting of actionable information and a common language that encourages and facilitates cross departmental discussion.

Our portfolio of “dynamic user journey” based emulation, monitoring and analysis services enable business wide understanding of the impact of online performance on the bottomline.


Adobe pdf iconAbout Dynamic User Journeys

Download User Journey PDFInstead of merely checking URLs monitoring and testing software needs to take the same actions, in the same way, as real users, experiencing the unique combination of code and applications occurring throughout the interactive journey. As websites become more functionally complex and possible user actions become more varied, fluid and dynamic it is imperative that your monitoring does, too.

Our Dynamic User Journey approach provides 24/7 mystery shopping giving insight as if you were sitting on the shoulders, standing in the trolley or, with the session replay function, viewing the actual screen of the customer.


Adobe pdf iconSciVisum Monitor

Download Web Monitoring PDFSV-Monitor provides vital metrics and business intelligence, measuring real time performance, availability and consistency of journeys across your website as experienced by end users. The result is more valuable, customer-focused data on which you can base future site improvements, measure customer experience and ROI. SV-Monitor measures the performance, availability and consistency of journeys as experienced by end users in realtime, whether for completing a simple task or conducting the most complicated multi-page transactions.

SV-Monitor is part of the SV-Monitoring Suite and is the product used primarily by Operations teams, Development Teams and Service and Delivery managers who all have a huge interest in what is happening on the servers.


Adobe pdf iconSciVisum Real Browser

Download browser monitoring PDFSV-Real Browser delivers the crucial insights and information needed by your technical and marketing teams about your customers’ real online experience. Using a middle performance band browser it enables marketing, brand, usability and eCommerce teams to experience what real users do when they interact with your site and applications.

SV-Real Browser is part of the SV-Monitoring Suite and is the product used primarily by Marketing, UX, brand and web design teams who work with AJAX and javascript and want to know the effect it has for real users.


Adobe pdf iconSciVisum Mobile Monitoring

Mobile Monitoring

SciVisum’s Mobile Web Monitoring service gives uniquely realistic visibility of your website’s mobile experience across iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Continuous testing of mobile journeys delivers real world metrics, measuring performance, availability and consistency of journeys across your website as experienced by mobile users.

This high touch monitoring service makes it possible to manage the complexities of delivering a website across multiple devices, without the hassle. Instead you can focus on driving the website and the business forward and relax in the knowledge that your site is delivering outstanding mobile experience.

Increase conversions, reduce abandonment and protect your brand by ensuring fast, available and consistent performance, seamlessly across all devices.


Adobe pdf iconSciVisum Mobile App Monitoring

Download Mobile-App Monitor PDFWith SciVisum’s Mobile-App Monitor service you can gain full visibility of your app performance to ensure positive user experience and increase conversion. Working closely with clients of all sizes SciVisum developed the new Mobile-App Monitor service, a flexible system that enables full visibility of the performance of mobile apps and services and can provide exactly the information organisations needs to ensure they are not losing sales, loyalty or customer engagement through the mobile channel. The technology builds on the existing flexible Application Synchronicity platform that underpins SciVisum’s monitoring of its unique Dynamic User Journey.

Our Mobile App Monitor was Winner of Best Cloud Product Techworld Awards 2011


Adobe pdf iconSciVisum Media Monitoring

Download Media Streaming Monitoring PDFRich Internet Applications are an increasingly popular way of engaging users. The impact on brand, user experience and revenue that can result from poor RIA performance makes it vital to understand the elements within your site from an end user perspective. Whether you want a video streaming monitor service for flash video, HTML Live Streaming*, iPhone users fed from your own-built streaming server, monitoring a compressed video stream, or an uncompressed one, an encrypted video stream or a publicly available content,  Scivisum Streaming Monitor provides flexible alerts, instantly informing your business of delivery errors and actionable solutions before your customers find them.


Adobe pdf iconSciVisum Load Testing
Download Load Testing PDF
SciVisum Load Testing Service gives you access to expert testers with specialist knowledge to quickly identify issues and provide insights and solutions. SciVisum’s Load Testing Service offers guaranteed, expansive and complex testing sessions often unobtainable from self service due to departmental time constraints. Our test engineers deliver load testing remotely, we write the scripts and perform the tests – no hardware, software or monitoring agents are necessary and no engineering time is lost.

SciVisum Load Testing Portal allows you to take full control of your testing needs. From the dashboard you can easily navigate the portal and access full graphs, error tables, statistical analyses and performance comparison. The portal facilitates the ability to run tests on demand, schedule during out-of-hours, and re-run tests ad hoc after making periodic adjustments to code.


Adobe pdf iconSciVisum Site Release Management

Successful release projects involve a great deal of support, investment, collaboration and dedication. Whether your goal is to improve what you have, or deliver something entirely new, robust, reliable, comparative performance and impact data from the first few hours after deployment is crucial. The possibility of losing business or damaging brand due to errors caused by updates, changes and new releases is a real concern for organisations whose website is an integral part of the business.

The Site Release Monitor report compares user journey performance in terms of delivery, availability and value of lost sales/opportunities at regular, user specified  intervals, following a tracked change to the site


Adobe pdf iconSciVisum Server Monitoring

Download Server Monitoring PDFUntil now server monitoring has typically consisted of indicator numbers, useful only to specialist technology teams and providing no information as to the real customer impact of passing a given threshold.

SciVisum’s innovative server monitoring links technical performance with user centric thresholds and targets to clearly show the impact of server performance on the bottom line. This “Dynamic User Journey” focused approach ensures monitoring is built around customer needs and strategic business direction. Vital intelligence can be integrated with other monitoring data in our intuitive, multidimensional, enterprise-wide portal.

Adobe pdf iconSoftware As A Managed Service

Developing great relationships is as important to us as developing great software.

Guided by this principle Scivisum is a small, lean company, with one of the highest client support staff to client ratios in the industry. We pride ourselves on being able to provide the best support and service possible. through regular, dedicated communication, in depth understanding of both technical and business requirements and knowledge of markets, business culture and industry trends.


Adobe pdf iconSciVisum Consultancy

Download Performance Consultancy PDFSV-Consultancy Services arrange for members of our highly qualified R&D team to discuss your website performance concerns, evaluate your site and build a bespoke goal oriented program to improve web application performance, protect brand image, reduce lost sales and ensure consistent, positive customer experience.





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