Free Report: UK Easter mcommerce performance 2015

With Black Friday breaking records for online sales this year, the commercial stakes were high and several high profile failures hit the headlines. UK online sales topped £1bn on Black Friday alone and mobile led the way accounting for almost two thirds of browsing and 45% of online sales.

Did your ecommerce platform live up to your expectations or did your load testing lull you into a false sense of security? Although many retailers carry out load testing well in advance of busy periods, in the majority of cases it’s simply not realistic enough to reflect the increasing complexity and sophistication that ecommerce platforms now deliver and that includes mobile browsing. With mobile now so significant it’s a necessity to prioritise a web platform that is optimised and tested for mobile use – or risk losing substantial sales.

We carried out a study to measure the mobile buying experience, delivered by leading UK retailers over Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The add-to-basket journeys of ten top UK retailers were monitored 24/7, revealing that many are losing sales due to an inability to deliver satisfactory mobile experiences; with one in ten add-to-basket journeys failing, unacceptably slow page delivery times and large mobile page sizes.

Find out more about the performance of UK retailers in meeting the biggest ever online demand including this year’s winners and losers including:

  • How good the Black Friday mobile buying experience was as delivered by UK retailers; including key customer centric metrics for delivery time, availability and page size.
  • Which were the most common issues impacting customer experience.
  • Who were the best performers in the Top 5 league table?
  • Top tips to help manage optimum performance at peak times.

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