SciVisum’s portfolio of fully managed web testing services deliver the most realistic performance data with a customer-centric approach that benefits both technical and business teams. Our services offer a unique combination of an intelligent in-house test engine together with expert insight from experienced web testing staff.


24/7 Performance Monitoring/Synthetic Monitoring

Monitoring digital performance to ensure outstanding user experience 24/7

A combination of realism and expert human insight, our synthetic monitoring provides the most accurate, actionable data. Scripts follow routes through your website dynamically making intelligent choices from page content rather than following predefined URLs. This mystery shopper approach provides the fastest route to identifying and resolving all the critical performance issues impacting your customers.

Find out how you can ensure the best user experience for your customers 24/7 with SciVisum’s monitoring service

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Load Testing

Peace of mind that your site won’t let you down when it counts

As online habits change and grow, digital business owners are having to rapidly anticipate new developments and build ever-greater capacity. How can you make sure your site can take the strain of high-volume traffic generated by seasonal peaks, flash sales or following major releases? If you want to avoid high-profile failures and lost sales, you need a failsafe approach to load testing.

Find out how SciVisum’s load testing service can help maximise conversions

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Load testing screenshot on laptop


Mobile Web & App Performance Monitoring

Measure mobile performance to maximise conversions

The majority of UK online traffic is now driven by mobile and mobile consumers have high performance expectations. They demand fast page delivery and will simply switch to another site when an error occurs. To understand and optimise mobile experience you first need to measure mobile performance 24/7 with real mobile browsers running on genuine mobile software. Simply emulating mobile browsers won’t deliver the realistic data that’s necessary to identify the issues impacting your mobile visitors.

Find out how to maximise conversions across multiple devices with SciVisum’s mobile monitoring service

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Web Performance Optimisation Consultancy

SciVisum’s WPO consultancy service looks at your web performance optimisation needs, evaluates your site and builds a bespoke goal orientated program to improve digital performance, protect brand image, reduce lost sales and optimise online customer experience.

Find out how our optimisation consultancy can help maximise your online revenue.

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