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Is your video streaming multimedia performing well, or frustrating your end users?

Reduce response times and ensure your RIA (rich internet applications) such as flash videos, and video streaming and other media are performing. Poor functionality can negatively affect user experience and revenue; the SV-Monitor video streaming monitoring service alerts you to delivery errors and actionable solutions before your customers find them.

Video media streaming and Rich Internet Applications are an increasingly popular tool with web developers and eCommerce managers alike due to their ability to deliver engaging experiences for end users in otherwise cold, in-active web pages. RIAs can enhance a brand image by creating a direct interaction, and an enjoyable experience for the user. Unfortunately, when applications fail or users reach their threshold for download times, customers leave your website with a frustrated experience, not only abandoning your brand, but tell their friends to do so as well.

  • Set downloading time thresholds for error alerts on your video streaming monitor
  • Specify an average broadband width of your target market for a true picture of your users experience
  • Receive in-depth User Journey graphs and measurable data
  • Re-run errors to see what your customer experienced
  • Access performance breakdowns to identify problems quickly
  • Pin-point bottlenecks with a breakdown of delivery times for each streaming step of the User Journey
  • receive video stream Alerts for problems and slow downs

SV-Monitor video streaming monitor service tracks the performance, availability and trends of streaming media across end users ISPs and browsers. When an error occurs a stream alert is sent in the form of Email or SMS.

Whether you want a video streaming monitor service for flash video, HTML Live Streaming*, iPhone users fed from your own-built streaming server, monitoring a compressed video stream, or an uncompressed one, encrypted video stream monitor, or unencrypted: the keynote is that with the SciVisum monitor service on your site, confidence will build as you see just how well your visitors are being served.

Website testing taken to the next level.

* Tech note: Rather than using a specialized video streaming protocol such as RTSP (Real-Time Streaming Protocol), HTTP Live Streaming delivers video as short segments of video files using the same protocol that web browsers use.


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