Get closer to your mobile customers' real experience

Synthetic monitoring on real iPhone and Android browsers gets you closer to your customer’s real experience (CX), so you can find all issues impacting CX and make better business decisions.

Only with the most accurate picture of your site's mobile performance, can you identify, prioritise and improve performance and measure the impact of infrastructure or app changes on mobile delivery times.

What makes our real browser mobile monitoring different?

Take control of mobile experience with intelligent monitoring on real iPhone/Android browsers.

  •  Enable speedy identification and resolution of performance issues before they impact your customers
  • Emulate 3G, 4G and wifi network connection speeds for an authentic snapshot of your site’s mobile performance
  •  Increase conversions and turn customers into brand advocates

Identify every issue impacting your customers' mobile experience

SciVisum delivers the most realistic metrics because it operates the same way your customers do.

  • Base decisions on the most realistic, accurate data with monitoring that uses the exact same iOS/Android browser software that your customers do.
  • Don’t miss out on a single issue impacting your mobile customers with monitoring that makes dynamic choices from page content, covering more of your site and finding more errors.

Read about the mobile issues you could be missing with an emulated approach in our article - the top mobile performance issues that could be damaging your site.

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More resources about synthetic monitoring for iPhone and Android

The business impact of slow mobile performance

As mobile becomes more influential, the risks of delivering a poor customer experience are more likely to impact profits. A recent survey by Google showed that although over half of all mobile site visits were abandoned if the page didn’t load within three seconds, three out of four mobile sites were still taking longer than ten seconds to load. We take a look inside Google's report at the need to address mobile speed.

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Get closer to your end user’s mobile experience with Network Emulation

In order to accurately measure mobile users' experience, it’s crucial to walk in their shoes. Which means simulating 3G, 4G and wifi connectivity so that you can see exactly how performance feels for your end users over the ‘last mile’. Our mobile monitoring includes network emulation to simulate CX on Android and iOS browsers, so you can get closer to your customer’s journey and identify performance issues.

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Mobile drives demand as Black Friday tests ecommerce performance

With Black Friday breaking records for online sales, the winners and losers emerge as the results of our Black Friday 2015 mCommerce survey reveal 1 in 10 mobile journeys failed. Websites were under-prepared for mobile traffic, with poor availability, slow page delivery times and large mobile page sizes – all of which raise the risk of abandonment and lost sales.

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