Mobile Web and Application Monitoring

Mobile use is increasing at a phenomenal rate globally, providing personal and immediate contact with the individual customer. That very intimacy means that the user experience has to be flawless to capture and retain customers.

And the user experience can be widely different on Android and iOS iPhone/iPad versions of the same website, so it’s important to consider both mobile platforms when planning your user experience monitoring strategy.

Online retailers and content publishers have ramped up their mobile delivery mechanisms, but the mobile opportunity is also a pitfall for the unwary. Many companies have outsourced the coding of their apps, and so have little direct control over how well it meets the users needs. For others there is increased performance challenges and unavailability when choosing to move to RWD  with the aim of reducing the complexity of running separate mobile sites and desktop sites on separate platforms.

The performance problems that can bite the unwary range from simple slowdowns and code errors to more problematic situations due to a range of issues to do with network limitations and server software delivery design.

Undoubtedly, when user journey problems occur within a mobile site, the user’s confidence plummets. By delivering the right content with outstanding experience retailers can increase conversions and gain long term customer loyalty. But due to the personal relationship of mobile to user it is crucial that the user experience is seamless.

To ensure you are providing a consistent, positive online experience for your users you need to test your service frequently using a testing service which can manage the complexities of your site or mobile application.

SciVisum’s award winning Mobile Monitoring service, with its advanced testing capabilities, is instrumental to ensuring consistent service performance and seamless user experience. Many testing services offer traditional User Journey methods which monitor a series of static URLs, but when your mobile service is reliant on dynamic AJAX coding, it’s essential to choose a supported testing approach such as SciVisum’s Dynamic User Journey monitor.


  • Know when your application appears but users are unable to interact.
  • Know when your application reaches threshold for time to load.
  • Know when your application reaches stress point.
  • Know when intermittent communication errors happen between the application and the server, be they slow downs or full blown errors.
  • Fast reacting SMS and email alerting to notify you of live problems experienced by users.
  • Detect sporadic application errors and performance slowdowns.
  • Monitor the amount of data sent required by use of the application.
  • View lost sales, opportunities and KPI performance.


Working closely with clients of all sizes SciVisum developed the Mobile Monitoring service, a flexible system that enables full visibility of the performance of mobile apps and services and can provide exactly the information organisations need to ensure they are not losing sales, loyalty or customer engagement through the mobile channel. The technology builds on the existing flexible Application Synchronicity platform that underpins SciVisum’s unique Dynamic User Journey monitor approach.


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