Monitoring Performance Geographically

Get closer to your customer’s experience…

Do you need more in-depth information on your website performance prior to targeted campaigns?  

Does your website deliver unbalanced ROI in comparison to geographically measured traffic?

Get closer to your customers real online experience. Monitor your website performance from local, regional or worldwide locations to identify areas for optimization and find problems that impact end-users.

City Watch provides all the benefits of our Monitoring service with an added focused view of geographic performance. When more information regarding user experience is required City Watch is an ideal solution to breakdown geographic variances and pin-point solutions where optimisation is required.

SV-Monitor provides an in-depth status of site performance to ensure web pages and transactions perform correctly in all locations. Our unique User Journey approach allows you to view the user experience from regional locations, specific or multiple countries.


City-Watch Benefits

  • View performance variances by UK region to pin-point geographic errors
  • Get a regional breakdown of your customers’ experiences and local trends; and don’t just depend on a London-centric performance measurement
  • Identify cultural trends and intercontinental problems by monitoring geographically from the countries where you have significant customers
  • web site testing taken to the next level


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