MultiSystem Monitoring Service

Many online organisations  are many-brand, and many-platform:  which means they have the challenge of managing customer experience across many different brand sites:  and some or all of those depend on the performance of more than one underlying technology platform.

If the eConsultancy eManifesto is taken seriously:

“Improving the customer experience must be the relentless focus of modern business.”

then how can the users’ experience across so much online real estate being monitored, at a sensible cost?

SciVisum’s User-Journey based website monitoring service, has been made more intelligent – with the release of the Multi-System Monitoring service.  It continues to provide the peace of mind it has always provided by ‘Doing what the Customer Does’  when measuring speed of User Experience:  but can now extend that to multi-brand sites within a realistic budget.  In addition, a new graphical display makes easy to spot those brand components or platform technology elements locations that need attention.


In the Multi-system Intelligent Monitoring service, the user journeys now follow an advanced two-level hierarchy of core and investigating user journeys to identify a failing system and to provide fast alerts.  The User Journeys test multiple locations (such as national sites, brands or in the Cineworld case study cinemas) in a round-robin fashion.  When an error is detected the service determines whether it’s at a specific location.  An additional ‘Investigating Journey’ is then triggered to investigate the error further, whilst the ‘Core Journey’ continues testing the other locations in turn.

If the ‘Investigating Journey’ confirms an error, an Alert is sent by SMS or Email to the support teams – complete with additional trouble-shooting information to assist quick resolution by the tech teams.  The Journey continues to monitor the location until it is resolved, at which point a Recovery Alert is sent out.  SciVisum’s portal makes it easy to identify quickly those locations with performance problems – highlighted in red.


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