Measure digital performance to improve user experience 24/7

You may have a leading product or service, but is your web performance crippling your site? Poor performance can cause you to lose out on countless conversions, customers and opportunities and fail to maximise every revenue-generating minute.

When testing predefined URLs, it can be difficult to find, isolate and resolve the technical issues that directly affect your customers. Our unique, synthetic monitoring takes you through the same steps an average customer would take as they navigate their way through your site.

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Intelligent monitoring from your customers’ perspective

Want an accurate, foolproof way of measuring your website's performance? View your site through your customer’s eyes.

  • SV Monitor: simulate genuine user experiences for accurate results.
  •  Measure the speed and availability of your web provision in real time.
  • Monitor complete customer journeys from the first click through to check out.
Monitoring wallboard screenshot
  •  Track real consumer-focused data.
  • Pinpoint specific site weaknesses for more effective improvements.
  •  Deliver an enhanced experience for your customers.
  •  Improve your conversion rate.

Gather realistic data to improve customer performance

SciVisum’s synthetic monitoring systems embody a uniquely customer focussed role, interacting with site content with the same intelligence a real user would.

  • Make decisions and amendments based on compelling and accurate data.
  • Have peace of mind knowing that customer issues will not go unnoticed.

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Extend your tech team, save on time and resources

Using an independent synthetic monitoring service ensures you can manage the complexities of running a highly functioning website, whilst keeping track of customer-centric issues. With a monitoring system, you can free up resources to review and polish web provision, helping to drive your sales forward.

  • SciVisum scripts and maintains user journeys.
  • Live management of journeys by a dedicated team of experts.
  • Get help verifying issues and diagnosing root causes.
  • Enjoy a cloud-based service, with no software installation and no disruption to your staff or current system.
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Bridge the gap with actionable data for both marketing and tech teams

Scivism’s innovative monitoring process enables a reliable method of enhancing customer experience and interactions. Whether it’s sales or IT, SciVisum returns data everyone in your business can understand, reducing departmental friction, saving time, improving communications and improving your bottom line.

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Faster troubleshooting to empower your tech team

Gain access to a powerful GUI, which allows your team to find the right data at critical times and deliver clever diagnostics that result in faster, easier troubleshooting. SciVisum’s system includes component drill downs, personalised alerts, third-party reporting, network diagnostics and further features to help you reproduce errors and aid diagnosis.

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Take Hold of Your digital performance today

In today’s fast-paced and dynamic marketplace, your digital performance needs will constantly evolve. SciVisum’s customer-driven approach puts your customers first, to develop a service that meets the changing needs of clients both now and in the future.

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