Monitor website performance early in the release cycle to save time and money

Many of our clients take an agile approach to introducing new functionality, writing code, integrating and testing in a cycle that’s as efficient as possible. For platform migration it’s also crucial to monitor as early as possible. To help with this process SciVisum can monitor performance at any point in the release cycle to help identify issues as soon as possible.

Platform migration and new releases – getting it right before deployment

It’s important to use synthetic monitoring during staging as well as live environments. Monitoring earlier in the release cycle improves the resilience of software releases when they go live. We can run realistic monitoring journeys in both staging and production environments. Some clients run duplicate journeys in both environments and then measure the impact of any changes by comparing the two sets of results. If a problem is flagged during staging, you can take the decision not to release until more refinements have been made.

Saving time and money

Monitoring in this way during staging is unique to SV-Monitor. Saving you time and money in the long run by automatically highlighting any performance issues introduced as a result of development changes. This early identification enables the speedy resolution of any performance issues and saves larger, more expensive problems further along the process.

  • Compare duplicate journeys
  • Monitor during staging and production
  • Release or refine based on hard data

By using synthetic monitoring at different stages in the release cycle, you can ensure that your development is as finely tuned as possible. This approach results in high-quality integration and faster deployment of new releases. If you’d like to find out more about SciVisum’s  synthetic monitoring, please contact us for a demonstration.

Diagram of synthetic monitoring within CICD


Find out how SciVisum's monitoring can help you get performance right during staging, contact us to find out more or to request a demo.

What next?

If you’d prefer to read a little more before you get in touch visit our monitoring service pages or download our SV-Monitor service datasheet.


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