Web Performance Optimisation Consultancy

The performance experts at SciVisum can look at your web performance optimisation needs, evaluate your site, and help determine a goal-orientated program to improve digital performance, protect brand image, reduce lost sales, and optimise online customer experience.

By ensuring that systems operate as expected and with maximum efficiency – supported by comprehensive testing of your complex web processes – we will provide load testing and performance monitoring user journeys on your site to support web performance optimisation.

Multi-channel retail performance across devices as well as in-store Kiosk system performance can be measured as required. We will be able to advise and consult on website testing and monitoring of live internet, intranet and extranet systems, as well as development servers prior to launch of new or modified applications. For systems which are not ‘Internet visible’, a SciVisum test box is installed on site.

web performance optimisation
  • Determine specific functional elements of your website operate as expected
  • Push the envelope to explore the behaviour of site behaviour in undefined areas
  • Identify failure, weaknesses and areas for improvement within your site
  • Measure the impact of traffic on site performance
  • Evaluate performance of your CDN suppliers
  • Reduce the risk for platform migrations

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