Why you should abandon traditional metrics in favour of realistic load testing

An evolution in load testing

Approached properly, load testing is much more than a box-ticking exercise. It’s capable of delivering rigorous data that can inform commercial decisions, maximise conversions, and protect your brand. But, with a wide range of approaches on offer – from DIY to managed solutions – what makes SciVisum’s realistic load testing service stand out from the crowd?

To fully understand how your customers’ complex behaviour will impact your site at peak or following new releases, websites now require a more realistic and accurate approach to performance testing. We outline why SciVisum’s realistic load testing is essential for today’s websites.

“Dynamic User Journeys were a key factor in deciding to move to SciVisum. Because of the very nature of our web site it was important that we were able to dynamically test our web pages and user journeys. Previously we were testing via static journeys – we had lots of problems we didn’t capture which resulted in hours or days of downtime in parts of our web sites.”

Joe Doherty

Confidently plan for peak times and new releases on the most complex site

If you’re prioritising spend or making strategic decisions based on performance testing data, you need to be confident you have the real facts. With websites now incorporating complicated business logic, numerous third parties and complex features, load testing is much harder to get right. More traditional approaches aren’t sophisticated enough to manage new technology resulting in over simplified testing that masks genuine issues. You now need a dynamic approach to ensure your results are rooted in realism.

SV-Load takes your analytics and creates the most realistic load test model. It scripts dynamic journeys based on the real behaviour of visitors to your site giving you speedy access to data you can trust.

Evaluate performance accurately

Traditional load testing methodologies rely on measuring simplified metrics. Although sometimes useful when viewed in isolation, this kind of binary data can provide misleading results and mask important issues. Calculating concurrent users is a case in point. It’s a metric often used to measure load but can throw out wildly inaccurate statistics as it doesn’t take into account what users are doing on your site. For example whether users are browsing, buying – or have stopped to have a coffee and update their Facebook status.

Users don’t follow one idealised journey or add the same item to their basket time after time so why should your load testing? SciVisum Load test engineers replicate a realistic traffic profile representative of genuine user behaviour. This includes multi-step journeys, a realistic mix of customer journeys and drop-off ratios – all essential for accurate results.

Gain crucial insights based on real behaviour

SciVisum scripts dynamic user journeys, incorporating the realism needed to test the most complex of websites. SciVisum test multi-step journeys across a site, making dynamic choices from page content. It’s hard to over-estimate the value of this uniquely realistic process that’s not achievable with traditional monitoring. A process that enables you to focus your efforts on the performance issues that matter: those directly impacting your customers and your brand.

SV-Load’s dynamic approach provides makes choices from page content on the fly just as real users would. Giving you comprehensive testing that uncovers issues overlooked by other more simplistic techniques. This means you’ll see all problems – including potential bottlenecks – and cover more of your site. And you’ll also have the data you need to fix them.

Base business decisions on hard evidence

Realistic load testing provides irrefutable evidence of the customer experience. It creates a ‘single point of truth’ for prioritising software and hardware changes, allocating budgets and effectively managing third parties.

SV-Load returns tangible, actionable data, at the same freeing up internal resources for development opportunities.

Take advantage of expert analysis

As a fully managed service SciVisum delivers data you can trust that’s a low-maintenance option for your tech team. We take your analytics, define a realistic load test model, schedule and monitor the test for you. By outsourcing this specialist service to a trusted third party, you can gain unique insights into your website’s performance. You’ll also save time, effort and in-house resources that can be more profitably deployed elsewhere. All this plus SciVisum can provide short lead times when you’re under pressure and greater testing capacity than available in-house.

Find out how SciVisum can help you take the stress out of load testing, contact us to find out more or to request a demo.

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