Why outsourcing to a fully managed load testing service is a smart move

In the quest for optimal performance and a fault-free user experience (UX), most website managers would agree that load testing should be an integral part of any website performance programme. But with a bewildering range of tools available – including WebLOAD, Apache JMeter and LoadRunner – why should you consider outsourcing to SciVisum’s fully managed load testing service?

Here are eight reasons why outsourcing will reap greater benefits than self serve or DIY approaches to load testing.

“We particularly like the project management and proactive support provided by SciVisum. Having a fully managed service enabled us to focus on completing site development while SciVisum took care of the load testing.”

Richard Scales
Delivery Manager, Neilson

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1. It’s complicated!

You likely have a sophisticated website with complex business logic, numerous third-party providers and high visitor numbers. In which case you’ll need to make sure your load testing can deal with the complexity of your website and adapt to ongoing developments.

2. DIY/self service tools lack realism

You need realistic testing that really walks in your customers shoes for results you can trust. Testing that behaves as real customers do; looking into page content and making dynamic choices, running a real-world mixture of journeys and modelling drop off ratios. These are all essential or your results could be misleading and overlook important bottlenecks.

3. DIY/self service tools oversimplify

Oversimplifying tests can be dangerous, as you won’t uncover all the issues and you’ll be relying on inaccurate data when making decisions. Self-service tools, record and playback approaches and automated, shift left approaches generally lack the sophistication necessary to realistically assess performance and ensure a satisfactory UX.

4. Outsource to the experts

By outsourcing to SciVisum, your business has access to a UK-based service provider focused on delivering actionable results. You’ll get realistic data from dynamic user journey testing that’s simply not available using more traditional metrics. You’ll also benefit from the experience we’ve gained testing leading companies with complex sites.

5. Free up your resources

Commission an independent, trusted partner like SciVisum and your business and tech teams can focus their energies on site development and increasing conversions. It’s a low-maintenance option that could also end up being the best-value route because it doesn’t consume your time and resources.

6. Gain a reliable collaborator

Working with an experienced partner will give you access to an objective view of your web performance that’s completely impartial. It’s something that’s difficult to obtain in-house. And if you need a fast turnaround, we can make it happen.

7. Stay ahead of the curve

SciVisum’s continuous process of technical advancement and systems evolution ensures that test results will always be based on best practice at any given point. Any issues that may adversely impact the UX can be swiftly addressed.

8. Maximum impact with minimum disruption

SciVisum’s cloud-based service means there’s no software to install and no associated disruption to your staff or systems. This focused, outsourced approach helps to diagnose the root causes of performance issues and results in a more resilient website in the long term – without pressuring your existing resources.

Find out how SciVisum can help you take the stress out of load testing, contact us to find out more or to request a demo.

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