The only foolproof way to measure your website's performance and customer experience is to do exactly what your customers do

To deliver the most accurate, actionable data, SciVisum's website monitoring follows routes through your website dynamically making intelligent choices from page content rather than following predefined URLs.

SciVisum's mystery shopper approach provides the fastest route to identifying and resolving all the critical performance issues before they impact your customers.

Available as real browser journeys to get closer to your end user's experience or emulated for diagnosing server or network issues.

Website Performance Monitoring

Intelligent website monitoring from your customers’ perspective

Unparalleled performance intelligence around the clock by walking in your customers’ shoes.

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  •  Enable speedy identification and resolution of performance issues before they impact your customers
  •  Share data across the business in a common language
  •  Free up resource with an extension to your technical team
  •  Deliver an enhanced customer experience and increase conversions!
Web Monitoring Service

Performance data you can trust & share

SciVisum’s uniquely customer-focused approach, ensures the most realistic, accurate and comprehensive data on which to base decisions.

  • Make new feature versus performance decisions based on hard evidence.
  • Relax in the knowledge that you won’t miss a single issue impacting your customers.
  • Share customer-centric data that's easily understood across the business.
The complexities of today's websites demand a more realistic approach to monitoring read our free eBook to find out how to move on from a traditional approach implement a more realistic monitoring programme .

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The extension to your technical team

Save time and resource with an extension to your technical team

Using a high-touch monitoring service makes it possible to manage the complexities of delivering a complex, sophisticated website while freeing up resources to refine web provision and drive your business forward.

  • SciVisum script and maintain journeys.
  • Live management of user journeys by a dedicated team of experts.
  • SciVisum verify issues and help diagnose root causes.
  • Cloud-based service with no software to install and no associated disruption to your staff or systems.
SV-Monitor - How to get started

Bridge the gap with actionable data for both technical and business teams

SciVisum’s continuous web performance monitoring process enables a consistent approach to improving the customer experience, returning actionable data that everyone in the business can understand – reducing inter-departmental friction, saving time in meetings and benefiting the bottom line.

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Empower your technical team for faster troubleshooting

Empower your tech team with a powerful GUI to access the data they need, when they need it, delivering intelligent diagnostics that result in faster, easier trouble shooting. SV-Monitor includes component drilldown, tailored alerting, third-party reporting and errors by Server ID, network diagnostics and many more features to help reproduce errors and aid diagnosis.

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Take control of your digital performance now and for the future

Technology and markets are changing fast and your digital performance needs are constantly evolving. SciVisum’s client-driven agile development delivers services that meet our clients’ needs both now and into the future.

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