Save time troubleshooting performance issues with Video Replayer

See what your customer saw with SciVisum’s unique video replayer tool

If you’re part of the team tasked with resolving performance problems, you’ll appreciate tools that allow you to home in on the root causes of issues impacting customer experience.

Replicating and tracking events far enough back to work out exactly what went wrong and why, is both time-consuming and frustrating. Which is why Video Replayer, available as part of SciVisum’s website peformance monitoring service SV-Monitor, will prove an invaluable aid to error resolution.

Watch end user actions leading up to an error and observe how the page loaded when an error occurred

See, experience and analyse

With Video Replayer you can troubleshoot errors in double-quick time by understanding exactly what your customer experienced. This offers a rare insight into customer-facing issues and provides you with evidence to assess the severity of the problem. So enabling you to prioritise resources.

If, like most businesses, technical resources are limited, a tool that supports a swift and accurate analysis of performance issues will pay dividends.

Evaluate the impact on your customer and diagnose the root cause

Place yourself at the heart of the customer experience

Video Replayer offers a new dimension to error analysis. It enables the tech team to identify and isolate root causes with video replay of the moments leading up to the failure.

Prioritise problem-resolution and feedback to colleagues with supporting footage

Put an end to indecision and blame with video evidence

Video Replayer removes any doubt or lengthy discussions as to the severity and impact of an issue on your end users. It also saves time replicating the problem.

See the video replayer tool in action in our short video.

“We really like the SciVisum portal – the ability to replay a video of the steps a customer takes through the website and see performance issues is really helpful. With SciVisum, we can now be more proactive and resolve problems before they have an impact on user behaviour and the bottom line.”

Richard Scales
Delivery Manager, Neilson

If you’d like to see a demo of the unique video replayer feature so you can see its powerful performance management capabilities for yourself, get in touch.

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