SV-Monitor Benefits to Commercial Teams

Management level summary data stretching over 12 months

  • Top level summary data for Availability, Delivery Time and Lost Sales across all journeys is quickly accessible for use in management reports
  • See how performance compares to previous reporting periods with comparison charts highlighting improvements or deterioration
  • Receive executive email reports for your chosen time period and frequency

See your site through your customers eyes – optimise user experience

We test more of your site’s functionality by monitoring complete User Journeys rather than individual pages. We monitor every step from your customer’s perspective because an error or slow down on any page could end the journey helping you identify and resolve errors before your customers find them. Complex transaction monitoring means all your business critical functionality is covered


Meaningful data for KPIs and reporting – get a true picture not 99.9%

We monitor every step, test more frequently and check more criteria to confirm an error. All this means you get a true picture of your site’s performance and more meaningful reporting data for decisions


Measure the impact of performance on Lost Sales

See how website performance affects your sales in real time. View total Lost Sales for the reporting period, plus comparisons with previous periods and a detailed lost sales report


No hidden costs

Test more of your site’s functionality for less, our pricing is based on the number of User Journeys not the number of pages. We automatically maintain your User Journeys as you make everyday changes to your site, at no extra cost.


Any errors – and you’ll be the first to know with flexible alerting

We provide you with unlimited instant SMS/email alerts for each user journey, giving you the confidence that your journeys are running smoothly and when there is an error you’ll be the first to know

  • Alerts are not sent until the engine has verified an error to avoid false alerting.
  • Configure which contacts you want to receive alerts for each journey – and for which types of problems.
  • Send Alerts direct to the 24/7 support team of any 3rd parties providing key content on your website


Monitor 3rd party Service Level Agreements with SLA performance monitoring


Measure service delivery by 3rd party suppliers and drive improvements


Intuitive portal with direct access to management level summary data

Reports, performance graphs, error tables, timing analysis and page size information for any time period



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