SV-Monitor Benefits to Technical Teams


Identify and resolve sitewide issues with a more accurate assessment of performance

  • Our fast sampling rate tests every 5 minutes as standard
  • We monitor every step of a customer’s journey across your site and check each page for missing content or errors rather than simply verifying page headers
  • Investigate intermittent errors such as stalling and time outs

Peace of mind. Any errors and you’ll be the first to know with flexible alerting

  • We provide you with unlimited instant SMS/email alerts for each user journey, giving you the confidence that your journeys are running smoothly and when there is an error you’ll be the first to know
  • Alerts are sent only once an error has been verified, to avoid false alerting
  • Configure which contacts you want to receive alerts for each journey
  • Disable alerts during Planned Maintenance
  • Drill into full Website Performance Analysis details

Replay Journeys to see what the customer saw when an error occurred

Replay journeys to see what the customer saw as well as the source code at each step of the journey leading up to an error or warning. Data for this is available for up to 1 month after the error occurred, so your tech team can troubleshoot.

More accurate measure of journey downtime with increased sampling

Monitoring frequency increases when a User Journey is in error – sampling around 5-10 times more often – giving a more accurate measure of how long the journey was down via multiple injectors

Quickly investigate problems and pinpoint error causes

  • A single click on Live Status errors or warnings takes you directly to detail outlining the error duration and cause
  • Investigate problems with a breakdown of component delivery times for each individual step of the journey – available for 3 months
  • Filter errors by type of error
  • View delivery time analysis for every step
  • See the impact of page size with page weighting
  • Download raw data


Identify areas for future improvement with trends data for up to 12 months

Analyse trends in performance for up to 12 months. Identify when a change may be necessary by reviewing long term historical graphs and data

Monitor 3rd party Service Level Agreements with SLA performance monitoring

Measure service delivery by third party suppliers and use results to drive and measure improvements

Portal navigation

  • Navigate backwards and forwards through time and zoom into performance graphs for more detail
  • A constant timeline across all journeys for performance graphs, errors and page delivery analysis


Ongoing portal development programme

In house R&D provides continual improvements and the flexibility to tailor solutions to client’s needs – we release portal updates to our clients every 2 weeks.

Cover all your latest technology and it’s risks

  • Complex AJAX-driven multi-page Journeys
  • Mobile App User Journeys
  • Video streaming monitoring service – Flash Video, HTTP Live Streaming
  • CDN monitoring
  • Cloud-based SaaS application service monitoring

Portal data storage

  • Reporting data over 12 months
  • Trends data 12 months
  • Component data 3 months
  • Replay Journey 1 month


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